Diego Maradona is discharged: 10 days of concern, an unforeseen operation and a treatment that has just begun

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It was a big scare that generated the opportunity for a resounding change. Mood problems, subdural hematoma and withdrawal symptoms as a result of his addictions. How your life will go on in a new home.

After 10 days of hospitalization and after undergoing an operation for a subdural hematoma in the brain, Diego Maradona was discharged and in minutes will leave the Olivos Clinic. He will continue his recovery in his new home in Nordelta under the constant monitoring of doctors and the care of his daughters, who took control of his inner circle.

Maradona’s last public image, on his 60th birthday, had been the most obvious diagnosis that something was wrong. Overcome with emotions and under excessive drug consumption, he was only able to stay 18 minutes on the gymnastics court. It was enough to mount a brief tribute that included platelets, greetings without protocols and a climate of discomfort that exceeded the screens.

Three days later the cocktail was explosive: the accumulation of bad rest, imbalances in his diet, consumption of alcohol and drugs, forced him to make a decision that had been postponed and Diego was admitted to the Ipensa Clinic in La Plata.

The first diagnosis was anemia. They needed to do studies and know in detail what adjustments to make in the metabolism of Ten. Improving sleep, providing him with a suitable diet and providing him with the iron that his body did not have were the first steps of a hospitalization that was presumed short.

“We noticed a mood drop that mainly affected his diet.” We saw him with a different attitude and we decided to come to control him and make him a little better, “said Leopoldo Luque, the Diez’s personal physician, in his first medical report.

On Tuesday, November 3, after the first night at the Ipensa Clinic, and after looking much better, Diego insisted that they let him go. They were able to convince him and he remained in room 214 where that same afternoon he learned about the unexpected results of the MRI: he had to be transferred to Buenos Aires and operated on as soon as possible for a subdural hematoma on his head.

The surgical intervention, carried out by Luque and a group of therapists from the Olivos Clinic, was carried out successfully on Tuesday night.

The postoperative period brought to light Diego’s biggest problem: addiction to alcohol and its combination with drugs. In this scenario, both the doctors and their family environment agreed that there was an opportunity to seek comprehensive improvement and establish long-term treatment.

For that, of course, they had to persuade Maradona. And say no to his repeated requests to return home. A premature discharge, doctors warned, could greatly complicate the care that surgery required in the short term.

“His withdrawal picture is due to the consumption he had throughout his life. We do not define it punctually as a certain substance or drink, we see a reaction of sweating, anger in a moment, and we classify it as that. It is a syndrome, a set of signs and symptoms. Based on that, we treat it, we don’t let it go, “said Luque.

In parallel, the pulls in their environment and the disputes between family, friends, attorneys and relatives led to what will be a historic change in the life of the Diez: now it is their daughters who took the reins and who will mark the steps to follow . At the exit of the Olivos Clinic this Wednesday and after Luque’s supervision, it will be Gianinna who will accompany her father in the transfer to their new home.

The first point in this new scenario was precisely to get his father to move, who will no longer live in Brandsen and will have his new home in Nordelta, a more comfortable point for visits and monitoring of Dalma, Gianinna and Jana.

As the days went by, the doctors removed the drugs that kept Diego sedated and noticed a significant improvement in both his physique and his state of mind. Stabilized by medical care, with a strict diet and without alcohol consumption, Maradona’s face is completely different from the one that worried everyone on his birthday.

Doctors repeat this at every step: only a first stage of a long-term treatment has been achieved that will have to continue on an outpatient basis. Diego will have 24-hour nursing assistance at his home. Also daily contact with Dr. Luque and psychologist Carlos Díaz and psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov, who joined the team that controls him.


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