Diego Maradona is admitted to a clinic in La Plata

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The decision of your environment has to do with a preventive situation due to your emotional situation. The Gymnastics coach, who suffered from dehydration and anemia, will undergo a series of check-ups.

Until it appeared in the Forest, no one could assure the presence of Diego Armando Maradona. The comments that flowed from their surroundings were linked to a depressive state, “Emotional distress.” But the return of Argentine soccer had been prepared just on the day of his 60th birthday. Then, he arrived on the court accompanied by Marcelo Tinelli, Claudio Tapia and Gabriel Pellegrino. The president of Gymnastics gave him a t-shirt. The technician did not see it well. And after ten minutes he left the stadium in the middle of the match against Patronato.

It was an unmistakable sign that something was wrong – and weighed – the star. It was confirmed this Monday, when he was admitted to the Ipensa Sanatorium of La Plata. Leopoldo Luque, your personal physician, advised that the idea is “Make a soul injection.” And he added: “The emotional part affects the body. When you are not well, you eat less, you sleep poorly, the drugs you take do not have the desired effects … When the patient is like this, you have to make decisions to avoid dramatic situations ”.

Luque denied a stroke, a rumor that had circulated strongly in recent hours. He was tested for Covid-19 as required by the protocols. However, as he was able to find out Clarion, entered the La Plata clinic with a picture of anemia, depression and dehydration. Maradona and the doctor who treats him had already discussed the possibility of submitting him to various check-ups. And when he brought it up this Monday afternoon, Diego did not resist.

“It is very difficult to be Maradona, he has many pressures … Diego constantly makes his decisions. I said: ‘Che, let’s go to a clinic so you can be better, grab the bag.’ I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to, until she told me: ‘Ok let’s go’. It’s not there because I brought it, he decided it, ”Luque said.

And he added: “With the coronavirus issue, all studies are delayed. We are going to try to get you here a few days to take advantage I try to improve it as much as possible, all the time. Diego is a very special patient, I try to do everything I can from the emotional side ”.

Luque did not want to get into controversy, but did not agree that he would appear on Friday in La Plata for the start of the Professional League Cup. “He went to the game because he wanted to,” the doctor just said.

Why doesn’t Maradona feel good? The closure, product of the pandemic; his problems moving around, a situation that has to do with his operation on his knees; feel “an old man”.

Another situation that abruptly affected the Gymnastics coach in recent days was the death of his brother-in-law, Raul Machuca, with a picture of coronavirus. Her sister’s husband Kity, 77, died in August after being hospitalized for 20 days. And the news hit Diego in a very special way.

There were many rumors since the evening of Monday, when the news broke. That they were going to transfer him to the City of Buenos Aires; that he had a neurological problem; that it was an emergency … None of that happened, although it is true that the medical record was locked in the computer system so that wrong versions are not leaked.

“If Diego wants, he gets up and goes home,” Luque added. It will not happen, of course. Nor would he be on the gymnastics bench on Sunday, when his team receives Velez. Everything will continue to be in charge of Galician Mendez.

Luque insisted: “Diego is a person who oscillates. At times it is excellent, at times not and I did not see it well. He can be 10,000 times better and bringing him here helps him. With Diego it is not easy. I would like to see better. With other patients it is easier, because you give an indication and they can comply ”.

Gianinna had seen it bad on Friday. “It breaks my soul to see him like this”, published in his account Twitter. What her youngest daughter observed and did not hide on social media was a sad image: fragile, with difficulty walking and helped by the presidents of San Lorenzo and the AFA. With the chinstrap at half mast, despite the fact that he is a risk person.

On Monday night, his other daughter, Dalma, shot in the same way. “When my sister said that my father was not well, they took a ‘journalist’ to his house to make him a ghost note to speak ill of her. And now? Well, we’re not that crazy, are we? “, recorded in the social network of the blue bird.

And opened thread: “And you can’t imagine the things I write and erase because now the only important thing is that he is well … But for the good of all bloodsuckers that nothing happens to him …”

Rocío Oliva, his ex-wife, said he has “problems with alcohol.” Hero of light blue and white, world champion and influential person in national football, he must stop the ball and play for his health.



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