Diego Maradona: from birthday to hospitalization, from saying everything yes to saying no once

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In just one week, the life of the Argentine star uncovered its entire dimension. Internal, fights between different environments, an addiction that worries and a difficult destiny to govern.

It’s Friday and Diego Maradona is sedated.

But it is not this Friday that the phrase is confirmed by Dr. Leopoldo Luque, his personal doctor, and the sedation responds to being able to keep him in the Olivos clinic and perform an intense, short-term plan to ease the effects of your withdrawal and revitalize it before discharge.

It’s Friday and Diego is sedated on his birthday. Overwhelmed by emotions, unbalanced by several days of dragging in which he ran from the diet script that his nutritionists had prepared, from the exercises that had seduced him for much of his quarantine. Those links (depression, poor diet, confinement, and low physical activity) are quickly joined by two others: drugs and alcohol.

And the result is the image that Maradona gave before the television cameras on his birthday with guests who chose to act as if nothing had happened, with Marcelo Tinelli and Claudio Tapia smiling and trying to make everything happen as quickly as possible, with a jacket with a new sponsor in the foreground to exploit the image of the Ten despite everything. And in just 18 minutes he had to go.

Luque did not say it openly in the concise part that he gave on Thursday afternoon and that contrasted with the optimistic look that he had reflected hours before, even sliding the concrete chance that he would be discharged that same day. But what Diego’s doctor delivers under medical terms and begins to release more and more details, is not only that Maradona wants to leave the clinic and misses being able to alleviate his physical and mental discomfort with pills and alcohol, but mainly that Diego “does not It is easy”.

Also he said the doctor that hospitalization presents them with an unexpected opportunity and they plan to take advantage of it. The Maradona universe always generates mistrust and gives rise to speculation. That is why it is implausible what actually happened: no one suspected until the MRI on Tuesday afternoon at the Ipensa Clinic that Diego would have to be operated on for a head problem and would be hospitalized for who knows how many days.

He was about to win the arm wrestling and go home that Tuesday morning. The day ended in Olivos and after the successful intervention for subdural edema.

That morning when Diego was already looking better and the anemia picture allowed him to continue dribbling the biggest problem in the general picture, Luque convinced his patient to stay in the hospital. In the way that many things usually happen in Diego’s life, the doctor had to persuade him between jokes, half-truths and white lies. The goal was for him to continue in that bed and he succeeded.

Those close to the Gymnastics coach tell that Luque is the man that Ten listens to the most. “The only one who listens”, in many cases. That is why the doctor is hurt by the grievances he is receiving through his social networks: they accuse him of not taking care of Ten and of not doing what the patient needs.

In just one week, from birthday to hospitalization, from saying everything yes to saying no once, Maradona’s life was laid bare in all its dimensions and draw another hinge, a new resurrection chance.

In the middle, miseries coexist as in a scene from Waiting for the carriage. Each line of those famous environments plays its card in a game that turned 60 years old and through which hundreds of participants paraded. If there were even fights around the operating room.

Each one of those who are part of these environments: daughters, sons, ex-partners, custodians, assistants, lawyers, journalists, friends will be able to say the same phrase of Luque: “Diego is not easy”. And at the same time, he should assume his share of responsibility in the face of the evidence: many of the times they told him yes, they should have said no, as is happening now.

The question will be to what extent the reins of treatment remain in the hands of doctors and how this tension will be managed when Diego stops being sedated and wants to go home. And when Diego is already out of the clinic, without the constant monitoring of specialists.

It is premature to venture an answer, even more so in an indecipherable world like Maradona’s. For example, what happened when Luque entered room 214 of the Ipensa clinic and, measuring each word, informed Diego that the studies had not gone well and that he recommended that he have surgery as soon as possible.

Maradona not only agreed without problems to have the intervention take place that same day, but also took the bait with good humor that Luque had brought to try to catch him. “Is it really the same thing Cristina had to do to herself? Well, come on, we Peronists put up with everything ”.

The situation needed a turning point. In recent times Maradona had fallen into a well.


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