Diego Maradona died: the memory of the day they sent him to the goal

In “The Golden Rocket Band”, in a “football challenge five”, the 10 started by tackling and they thrashed him. But later … Fabián Vena, one of the program’s “cousins”, gives details of that unforgettable match.

Amidst shock by the news of the death of Diego Armando Maradona, it becomes essential to review his history, on and off the pitch. And, why not, inside the TV. Like that day that was part of The Golden Rocket Band.

In 1992, Diego Armando Maradona sported a chauffeur-style haircut from the 60 line: long at the back, short at the front. He played for Sevilla, Spain, and also in The Golden Rocket Band.

Written by Jorge Maestro and Sergio Vainman, the program aired on El Trece from 1991 to 1993. I followed the story of three cousins, Adrián (Adrián Suar), Diego (Diego Torres) and Fabián (Fabián Vena) who had not seen each other since they were children and met again when they inherited the famous shot from their grandfather: a 1957 Oldsmobile Golden Rocket 88 model. A huge fierce, vigilance of collectors.

Somewhat timid, Adrián, as crooked as ever, with a gait similar to that of Chino Tapia, lived with his family. He always did what had to be done and, besides, he was very orderly.

Curmudgeon, at times moody, Fabian spent his days with his grandparents. And he liked to impose his ideas.

A musician, Diego, who had lived in the south with his father, settled in Buenos Aires (“in a loft”) and wanted to edit a record with his songs.

When the grandfather died, the grandmother (in the skin of Nelly Beltran, glorious), gathered the cousins ​​to deliver the car. That had been the father’s “last wish”: With that vehicle he had been very happy taking the three boys to the beach and, then, he wanted it to stay for them.

In order to share the Golden Rocket, Adrián, Fabián and Diego decided to go live in the big city. And there they began to live together different situations.

With more than 35 rating points, the show’s curtain was Together foreverby Alejandro Lerner.

In the second season the fourth cousin appeared: German Palacios.

The authors, Maestro and Vainman, told in their book Maestro & Vainman, 36 years of stories on television that we all sawHow was it to record the program with such a yellow ship with white details.

“The car was a symbol. Although it never worked,” they said. How? Yes. “A problem in the Golden Rocket’s engine meant that most of the shots had to be done with the car stopped., and when it had to be seen in motion, it was towed by a trailer”.

In fiction, of course, the car had its mechanic: the character was called Achinelli and he was played by Luis Mazzeo (he died in 2017).

At one point, Adrián, Fabián, and Diego were challenged to play a “football mince” by Ova Sabatini, Gabriela’s artist brother and partner of Catherine Fulop.

So, to assemble the team, the cousins ​​turned to Achinelli, and Achinelli added his assistant to the workshop, Tito, in an impeccable blue romper, who was none other than Maradona, cosmic kite. An effort, the platform would say. If a few years before the Ten had been able to dribble the entire England team, how far could their technical virtues go on a synthetic football five turf?

“Look, I play, eh”, the former captain of the Argentine National Team appeared, already on the field.



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