Diego Maradona died: Rafael Di Zeo and other Boca bars were at the wake reserved for relatives and friends at Casa Rosada

It was 2 in the morning when the leader of the Boca bar, Rafael Di Zeo, entered, along with two other members of the first line of La 12, to Diego Maradona’s wake, reserved for relatives and friends at Casa Rosada.

Despite the security measures, the head of the xeneize faction was authorized to enter the private ceremony.

The troops opened the gates to the fence that separated the government headquarters from the rest of the fans who crowded the outskirts waiting for the authorization to all the public, scheduled for 6.

Di Zeo had escorted Diego, by then coach of Gimnasia de La Plata, on his last visit to the Bombonera, on March 7. When the bus with the Lobo squad reached the corner of Coronel Tomás Espora and Almirante Brown, four blocks from the field, he was received by Di Zeo, Mauro Martín and 400 other supporters who escorted him to the stadium.

The xeneize faction had arrived at Plaza de Mayo around midnight, where they took over the scene with drums and trumpets. They sang all kinds of songs in honor of the Ten and also the National Anthem.

Some climbed the equestrian monument of Manuel Belgrano, where flag braces with the classic blue and gold colors were also placed.

The coffin with Maradona’s remains arrived at the Government House after 1 in the morning. Claudia Villafañe, Gianinna and Dalma Maradona had arrived minutes before. Verónica Ojeda, Dieguito Fernando and Jana Maradona They are other members of the family circle who were also present at the Casa Rosada. Diego Jr. is in Italy, hospitalized for coronavirus.

Other participants in the intimate ceremony are the remembered champions of the World Cup in Mexico ’86. Oscar Ruggeri, Sergio Batista, Jorge Burruchaga, Ricardo Giusti, Oscar Garré and Carlos “Chino” Tapia were some of those who were seen entering. Also Víctor Galíndez, the historical masseur of the Selection.

Representing Boca are Carlos Tevez and Ramón Wanchope Ábila. The Xeneize squad had returned to the country a few hours earlier, after the postponement of their Copa Libertadores match against Inter de Porto Alegre.

Rolando Schiavi, with a past at the La Ribera club, is accompanied by the Boquense forwards, and whom Maradona summoned the Selection for the 2010 Qualifiers. Martín Palermo, hero of the Argentine qualification for the World Cup in South Africa, is another of the xeneizes idols present.



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