Diego Maradona died: José Mourinho was moved and spoke of a not so well-known face of 10

The Portuguese recounted some of his conversations with Maradona. And he revealed that since he learned of his death he shared with the Tottenham players some stories about him.

Sports personalities do not stop sharing memories and memories lived with Diego Maradona, who died this Wednesday at the age of 60. One of them, this Thursday, was the Portuguese José Mourinho, who punctually highlighted the Diego human that was close in the most complex hours.

“(On the one hand) there is Maradona and (on the other) there is Diego. I am not going to talk about the first because the world knows him and nobody will forget him. Diego is different,” the Tottenham coach elaborated minutes before the game in which his team won 4-0 to Ludogorest for the fourth date of the group stage of the Europa League.

“People who are friends, who shared things with him, changing rooms, colleagues, are privileged,” acknowledged the Portuguese, who developed a very good relationship with the hero of Argentine sports.

“I can say that he was a good friend,” Mourinho said convinced. “My contacts were by phone, we saw each other a few times, and he had a big, big heart. We can see his football every time we miss him. But not Diego.”

For this reason, he told a locker room information about how he acted with his players in the last hours, after the death of Maradona. “I spent the day telling them stories about him, about the time we spent together – that’s the guy I miss.”

He also highlighted the kind of gestures Diego had with him when things were not going quite well.

“(I will miss) especially the call that came after the defeat; never after a victory. I knew that after the victory they would call me, but he was always there in the difficult moments. And after the defeat he was always there to tell me ‘Mou, don’t forget you’re the best.’ He always had those close-ups. I’ll miss him. “



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