Diego Maradona died: ‘Football died’, the disconsolate cry of Horacio Pagani

The journalist spoke on TyC Sports and said he had a hard time assimilating the news.

The death of Diego Armando Maradona at the age of 60 resounded in all corners of the world, but where it struck the most was in those who knew him. Relatives, colleagues and journalists who followed him throughout his career as a player and coach.

Such was the case of Horacio Pagani, one of the pioneering journalists when it came to interviewing the best player in the world. With the news of the death still fresh, the journalist went out to speak with his colleagues Super Soccer in TyC Sports very shocked.

“Argentine soccer has just died. Soccer. Not Argentine soccer,” he said through tears. “Football died and I feel incomparable pain. Diego was playing, 20 years ago he was playing on the edge. But it seemed, truly, we believed that he was immortal, “he continued.

Later he analyzed that when the Punta del Este episode happened in 2000 (he was hospitalized and complicated for two weeks) “everyone believed that a human being could not survive that,” he defined.

“So even I thought it was impossible for him to ever leave because he was going around for 20 years and got ahead in the same way as when he played ball.”

“He got on with his crazy life. One thought he always went out, but it is exactly as if football died,” he reiterated and burst into tears.




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