Diego Maradona and the time to decide: will everything continue as before or will the world revolve around his children?

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The Ten suffered in recent times the distance of a family that now seems closer to the possibility of reuniting. And the circumstance that he lived gives him a new chance.

It is done. Diego Maradona has already had an operation hematoma subdural that they detected him on Tuesday afternoon and forced him to spend hours later undergoing surgery. The intervention was successful and proceeded normally. The clot at the base of the brain could be evacuated and even, in the early hours of Wednesday, the drain that is placed after this type of surgery was removed. These are all encouraging news for the Gymnastics DT, who is going through a good postoperative period in an intensive therapy room -to be well monitored- of the Olivos Clinic.

The answers are positive and the evolution “will be day by day”, according to his personal doctor, Leopoldo Luque, who avoided giving exact dates of a possible medical discharge. In a patient with no history, it could occur in 72 hours, but we must not forget that Maradona arrived in the operating room in full treatment to get out of anemia. And besides, his body drags, after his first 60 years of life, some pre-existing diseases and aggravated by their excesses.

This is precisely why the big question for these hours is to know what the immediate future of Diego will be like once he leaves the sanatorium in the North of the GBA. Will everything continue as before or will the family, especially their children, once again become the center of their world?

Maradona, in recent years, was estranged from Dalma and Gianinna, the two daughters he had as a result of his marriage to Claudia Villafañe. And he maintained a strong closeness with Jana and Diego Armando Jr, who is currently in Italy and plans to fly to Argentina in the coming days. In recent months he also rebuilt his relationship with Verónica Ojeda and that also allowed him to be close to Dieguito Fernando, his youngest son, from whom he had hardly detached himself in recent weeks in Brandsen’s fifth that Gimnasia provided him so that he was close to the Estancia Chica property. There he always has the company of Maxi, a personal assistant who accompanies him all the time, and of his nephew Johnny, who became his great side and did not leave his side during his hospitalization.

He also stayed very close to his lawyer and friend, Matías Morla, who was the one who managed his career in recent years. It was Morla who got him the “changa” as vice president of Dinamo Brest, a football club in Belarus. And he was also the one who approached him, via Daniel Angelici, to businessman Christian Bragarnik so that he could first be coach of Culiacán Dorados and later of Gymnastics.

His two eldest daughters, like several of his old friends, accused Morla of the distance that was generated in recent times and of the overexposure that, in short, ended up passing bills on his health.

However, beyond a few appearances that showed him physically diminished, Maradona always ended up being the owner of his decisions. The good and bad. At times, although it may seem otherwise, it is ungovernable. “Diego is not a little car that I drive,” Morla explained Wednesday morning when he gave the first news from the steps of the clinic. For now, the disputes and misgivings seem to have been put aside. So much so that his four adult children got together to be close to him and accompany him in this trance along with his so-called “environment”.

There had already been a minimal truce on the occasion of his 60th birthday. In fact, Gianinna and her grandson Benjamin had been with him at Brandsen last Friday. And, as it transpired, both her daughter and Morla opposed her going to the celebration that had been prepared for her in the Forest in the run-up to the match against Patronato. A celebration that ended up exposing to the world his weak physical condition, a little because of the low mood he had for his birthday and especially because of the clinical condition that brought together a picture of anemia and this clot, until then unknown, that led him to the operating room.

An operating room that he was on the verge of not entering. As he could find out Clarion, Maradona changed his mind when he arrived in Olivos and refused to be operated after the lawyer Víctor Stinfale, another man from Diego’s environment in recent times, brought him the opinion of a doctor who considered that the injury did not require surgical intervention.

At first it was said that the daughters, present in the sanatorium, had been the ones who opposed the intervention, but it was not. Nor was the rumor that circulated through various media that Dalma, Gianinna, Jana and Diego Jr were going to ask for the legal tutelage of their father was not real. Maradona, much better after the hematocrit began to balance, was always aware and in command of his destiny.

Diego finally, as is known, agreed to undergo surgery. It was after Luque, with the support of the other prestigious neurosurgeons who were later in the operating room, ordered a new CT scan and demonstrated that the procedure was absolutely necessary. Hence the delay in the surgery, which lasted for about an hour and a half and which proceeded without problems.

Both from the famous “environment” and in the family bosom now commanded by Dalma, Gianinna, Jana and Diego Jr., there is consensus that Maradona has to take all the time he needs to recover and return to a state as close to a fullness. In La Plata they assure that they will wait for him as long as necessary, since Sebastián Méndez can continue to command the team on a day-to-day basis.

You also have to see how the relationship with Dalma and Gianinna evolves, who this time seem determined to iron out old differences and definitely get closer to his father regardless of whether or not there are obstacles in the way. It is something Diego longed for for his birthday. The union of all his children around him. Something that in fact, for different reasons, never finished taking shape. Maybe this is the great opportunity.

Through Maradona’s head, too, the idea of ​​traveling abroad for a while was beginning to take shape. Cuba and Venezuela loomed as possible destinations to recharge batteries on a vacation once the borders were opened when the pandemic passed. Perhaps that vacation could be turned into a good excuse to take a long break. And reinvent himself to be closer to that 60-year-old man that he already is and enjoy life in a different way, far away from that roller coaster that he rode more than four decades ago and from which he never finished getting off. . It all depends on him. And, of course, his health.


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