Google is one of the most prominent companies in the world of technology for the multiple services it offers to work, entertain and, above all, to stay connected.

In addition to the most obvious, Google dispose of many little-known applications that are very useful for everyday life. The company constantly updates its platforms and develops new ones for other areas.

Under this logic, the company presented Google Workspace, a new platform that combines your best work tools in one to improve productivity.

In Google Workspace, we have full integration between Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheet, Slides Y Meet, so we can access all these services from the same place.

The idea of Google With this platform, all the productivity applications offered by the company are available from one place so that it is very easy to create a project, add coworkers, create a shared document, view the team’s work calendar, make a video call. to fine-tune details and much more.

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How to go back to the original Google icons

With all these changes, Google it also did a restyling of the image on the icons of the most popular applications in order to look more unified as a whole.

Now, we see thick borders with the company colors (blue, green, yellow and red), superimposed at the corners and at the crosses.

Thus, the icons of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs Y Meet they look completely different from what we were used to, just like the image below:

However, not all users have liked this change in the design of the icons, as some even argue that they can become confusing when there are many windows open together.

Thus, Claudio Postinghel has developed an extension of Chrome for the purpose of reversing the icons Google to your older designs, something that, probably, many will appreciate.

To do so, you just have to go to this link and select “Add to Chrome”.

By providing access and giving permissions, you will see that a screen will appear indicating that you open Gmail, Calendar O Meet In order for you to test how the old icons will reappear in the tabs of your browser.

We already tried it and, in effect, we returned to the classic designs:

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As you will see, the procedure is very simple and it will not take you long to do it.