Maple Leafs as European Director of Talent Search Ari Vuorella has influence in the organization, and his views are trusted.

This could lead to the conclusion that the club booked as many as seven European players at a time. However, the mountain does not take a feather in his hat.

– I’m not looking for any honor of my own. We had quite a few booking shifts. It, of course, contributes to this kind of thing, he refers to the 12 booking shifts used by Toronto in seven rounds, some of which the club had train for itself in various shops.

– The main thing is that we can move forward as a team and start to succeed with the real act of winning that Stanley Cup one day, hopefully in the near future.

This is how it is: the success of bookings is only measured by the development of the players.

An investment in Europe

Toronto grabbed its European seven in its first eight shifts. It says at least that Maple Leafs is not a young GM Kyle Dubas alien old continent hockey.

– Well, no, this is the hockey of the world these days. It has changed a lot since twenty years ago, Vuori says.

– The lists were made for a long time, and the long summer is back. The passport doesn’t matter when trying to get the best players.

The mountain thanks Toronto for its investment in European talent search.

– We have a well-functioning European Scouting. I have a few guys in Sweden, then there are two Russians and one Czech. We also have our own videographer in Europe.

Ufan talentti

Maple Leafs used their first reservation for the Russian Rodion amiroviin. The striking Yulayev Ufa striker has scored 3 + 2 = 5 in ten KHL matches this season.

– He’s been under our surveillance for a long time. Skating, Skills, Game Intelligence, Mountain lists the strengths of the talent reserved for number 15.

– A smart guy who also has things off the field.

“Also a coincidence”

A total of 17 Finns were booked for the NHL. The number is not exceptional. Last year, 22 Finns received a reservation, and the record, 26, is from 2002.

Instead, it is quite rare for one club – the Toronto Maple Leafs – to book four Finnish players at a time. The record is San Jose Sharks’ six Finnish bookings in 1995.

When the Toronto package still wraps up the Joker’s top defender Mikko Lehtonen, who made an NHL deal last spring, can even see a Finnish trend in the legendary company.

– There is also a coincidence in the draft who you get, Vuori reminds.

– But, yeah, when I’m Finnish, it is nice to have Finnish. However, that is not the number one issue. I am responsible for the whole of Europe, he emphasizes.

From Lehto, the 2019 world champion, Vuori smokes profusely.

– I have known him since my youth here in Turku. As a smart guy, he has developed every year, and there’s still a tremendous KHL season.

– We were already interested a year earlier, but he already had a maker done. He was then brought to the finish line this year, and he will come to us when the NHL season hopefully begins in early January. I expect a lot from him and I am hopeful that he will get a seat in the NHL immediately coming period.

Finland Quartet

Ari Vuori characterizes Toronto’s recent Finnish reservations as follows:

59. Roni Hirvonen (Aces)

– Skillful and intelligent puck player. Teki ns. as a minor in the Blues A-juniors with a hard score and played last season at the age of 17 in the Ace League. All the development curves are clearly going upwards. A really healthy boy, and the whole organization likes him a lot.

– Physical properties are gradually being improved. If there was more size and strength, it would have been at the very top of the first round.

64. Topi Niemelä (Flies)

– Really wise defender, skates and moves the puck well. It’s hard to get to play in the flies, but already made it to the League last season, even though it’s pretty raw physically. Develops in a good organization. We see great potential in him.

168. Veeti Miettinen (St. Cloud State University)

– Due to his career choice, he has not played men’s games yet, because players leaving for the American University League do not even have the right to play from Mest. Skillful and fast player, broke the A-junior goal record in Kiekko-Espoo.

177. Axel Rindell (Jukurit)

– Skillful, offensive defender. Developed a little later. Admittedly, he was already really good in IFK’s A-juni before moving to Jukuri. Last season’s league games showed that the trend is up.

The matter was corrected on 9.10. 23.43: Miettinen broke the goal record, not the point record.