Close-eyed TV viewers noticed on Sunday night how an attempt was made to lure Shirly Karvis, who had fallen out of the competition, into the final dance.

Throughout history Dancing with the Stars the program has ended with all the dancers rushing on the parquet to dance and the dropped couple is in their midst.

That was not the case on Sunday night.

Namely, Shirly Karvinen and Jani Rasimus stood on the edge of the floor and did not participate in the joint dance.

The live broadcast saw how the presenter Mikko Leppilampi tried to attract couples to the parquet, but in vain. The ladybug attracted a pair with the index finger and showed the middle floor several times.

Shirly stared at Leppilampi for a moment, but eventually she turned her gaze away and no longer quoted the signs of Leppilampi.

After an embarrassing moment, the middle floor rushed Jukka Hildén.

As soon as the news of the fall came, Shirly directly admitted that the situation was annoying.

– Of course I’m annoyed by it. On top of that, feeling really grateful.

– Let’s lament and cry for a moment. Tomorrow we wake up again to a new day and week, he continued.

Shirly’s dance piece didn’t go smoothly, as she painfully injured her side during training.

– I’ve been taping it (ribs), I will try to be aware of it, and the choreography is done so that we take it a little bit in terms of iisimmin. It occasionally whistles a little, but thankfully it doesn’t stop you. It brings its own challenges, but we live with it, Karvinen said another week ago.

Shirly Karvinen came to the public in 2016, when she was elected Miss Finland. He has since created a career as a radio journalist.