There have been unexpected twists and turns in the filming of many movies and TV series. Most often, nasty cases are injuries, but sometimes deaths also occur in the filming.

Below is a list of the actors who were killed in the descriptions.

Brandon Lee

Brandon Bruce Lee was on his way to the top of Hollywood.

Brandon Bruce Lee was an American actor. He was killed in the middle The Crowaction movie descriptions. He was only 28 years old at the time of his death.

Lee died in the middle of an action scene when he got a bullet in his stomach. Lee was immediately rushed to the hospital, but despite six hours of surgery, the man could not be rescued.

Brandon Lee was a fighting legend Bruce Leen and Linda Lee Cadwellin only son.

Vic Morrow

Actor Vic Morrow was killed while filming the film Twilight scary shadows. Morrow was 53 years old at the time of his death. In addition to him, child actors were killed Myca Dinh Lee and Renee Chen. All three died immediately after the helicopter used in the scene fell on them. The case has since been dealt with in court on several occasions.

Morrow is also remembered from the TV series Combat !.

Martha Mansfield

Actor Martha Mansfield died at the scene in 1923. Mansfield was only 24 years old at the time of his death. Mansfield was filming the movie The Warrens of Virginia. Mansfield rejoiced at the end of the filming day by hanging out in the car with his colleagues and friends.

One of those present was lighting a cigarette when a match fell on Mansfield’s clothes. The clothes immediately caught fire. Although a counter-actor Wilfred Lytell tried to put out the fire using his jacket, nothing could be done. Mansfield was rushed to hospital. He died of the injuries he received during the same day.

Tyrone Power

Tyrone Edmund Power, Jr. was a respected American actress. He is remembered from the movies, for example Jesse James – a great adventurer, Blood and Sand and Nightmares.

Power was a megastar of its time. In 1958, he starred in the film Solomon and Queen of Saba. The film was shot in Spain. In November 1958, Power played again and again a difficult sword fighting scene for the actor George Sandersin with when he asked the production team that he should take a break after the eighth intake. The break was suitable for the film crew. Immediately after the break, Power began to vibrate. He described feeling feverish.

Power died while on his way to a hospital in Madrid. The cause of death was a heart attack.

John Candy

Actor John Candy died at the age of 43 of a heart attack while filming the film Wagons East. Candy had received the descriptions for her part in the jar when she called her children to wish them a good night.

Wagons East was shot in Mexico. The actress went to sleep, had a heart attack in her sleep and died.

Candy is remembered from movies, for example On the move to Chicago and Toboggan gang.

Adolph Caesar

Actor Adolph Caesar died at the age of 52 while filming the film Tough Guys. Filming for the film was just beginning when Caesar had a heart attack at the scene in Los Angeles. The actress was brought to the hospital, but her heart had already stopped. The man was pronounced dead.

Caesar was married and had three children. Caesar is remembered from movies, for example A Soldier‘s Story and The Color Purple.

Roy Kinnear

Roy Kinnear died at the age of 54 while filming The Return of the Musketeers. Kinnear fell off the horse’s back in the middle of the shoot.

He injured his pelvis in the fall. In addition, the fall caused severe internal bleeding. The day after the fall, Kinnear suffered a heart attack, and died immediately.

Jean Harlow

Actor Jean Harlow starred Clark Gablen with Saratoga in 1937. Harlow died amid descriptions of kidney failure. Filming for the film was continued despite his death with the help of a stunt actor. The film premiered just seven weeks after his death. The film quickly became the most successful film of the year.