Captain HJK Nikolai Garlic surprised many by releasing their own songs a few years ago. He got a contract with JVG’s record label PME Records, but decided five years ago that making his own music could stay for the time being.

Since then, he has been running his own 325 record label called Media. The partners are the Owls Guard, representing Brescia Jesse Joronen and most recently the HJK teammate who played for the 2017 national team Valtteri Moren.

The trio’s collaboration began when Alho made his own music.

– Valtteri Moren was involved in filming the covers of the records. He’s an absolutely brilliant photographer and still does. Many don’t know it, but he likes photography, Alho says.

– As a young man, we collected emails from all media and sent songs. Jesse made all the releases while running the business side.

Although Alho decided to stop making his own music, he still wanted to produce songs by other artists. He considered options and asked Joro and Moren to start a record company with him.

– Didn’t have to ask twice! The guys were that put the record company up. We jumped head first into the uncertainty.

From the music business instead of the play

The record company has already reaped success. According to Alho, there are more than ten gold plates and “a few” platinum plates.

Alho got his first gold record as a producer after a song by the band Younghearted For a while struck through. Later, the album also sold gold.

– It was absolutely amazing. It’s a bit like a medal in football, a success and an achievement of hard work. Admittedly, I don’t do this because I would have plateaus on the wall. I do this because I like to make music and music has been a beloved thing for me my whole life.

According to Alho, the trio will not take pressure from their own record company as long as the playing career is still going on. However, everyone intends to build a contingency plan for themselves, as a footballer’s career is not very long.

– This is a dear thing for everyone and we want the record company to succeed. We can jump into our own company when the gaming career ends. Big thanks to kundeille that they are also believed strongly in me, even though I’m the last few years was the only one of us in Finland.

– Music has come along really naturally. It’s been cool, that I got to do another thing, which I love.

Alho’s life sounds like a hard balance, because in addition to sports and music, a wife and a one-year-old child are waiting at home. According to him, everyday life is not as hectic as one might imagine.

– There are 24 hours a day, of which maybe nine sleep. There are nine in the stadium, so there is a lot of looting time. In general, the gang playing Playstations or go for a coffee, I have made in recent years in music.

– It is cool that the record company’s operations and the producer’s own career have been able to be built at the same time. It’s just given an extra boost to football.

HJK will meet HIFK on Sunday at 4 p.m.