Netflix has given much to talk about with the premiere of his documentary High Score, in which curious facts about many of the video game franchises that have marked milestones in history have been revealed.

This is a highly recommended option for anyone who considers himself a fan of video games and even for any casual gamer who is simply interested in a little general culture from the last 50 years.

For example, in the first episode, we can hear from the hand of the same programmer, the story of how it was created, which is known to many as the worst video game in history, based on the ET movie, for him Atari 2600 and how this atrocity led to the bankruptcy of what was once the largest video game company in the world with this disastrous and historic fiasco.

But, returning to the subject of the title, in episode 6 and last of the first season, the spectators had the opportunity to see the history of the game that is indisputably the father of all shooters in three dimensions, DOOM, of John romero.

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In addition to revealing technical data and how a gameplay totally new to the revolutionary shift from two to three dimensions, Romero possibly one of the first rockstars of videogames, explained that the title of DOOM, is directly influenced by the movie starring Tom Cruise and directed by Martin Scorsese: The Color of Money.

In one scene in the movie, the character of Tom Cruise, Vincent Lauria, a billiard player, or as they are known in America, pool sharks, he is going to face a guy who asks him, while he walks towards the table carrying a special briefcase where the professional pool cue was: «What are you bringing there?», to which Tom Cruise answers: perdition, the doom in English, to which Romero He thought, What a great name for my new video game.

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In the documentary, this is nothing more than an anecdote, but this shows us how sometimes the coolest things happen by accident or chance. Can you imagine that DOOM would have been as successful if it had had a name like: demons from mars or something like that? Of course not, the word doom, or, perdition in Spanish, represents the entire enveloping atmosphere of total uncertainty and destruction that a game in third dimension and first-person view offered us for the first time in history as DOOM.

Among other curious facts that the documentary of Netflix, it has been said that Pac-Man, one of the most iconic classic arcade games of all time, was developed to attract women to this mainly male-occupied industry.