Did you ignore the Queen in making this decision?

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are said to have reached an agreement with Princess Eugenie. According to media reports, the pregnant woman moved to Frogmore Cottage, the British headquarters of Harry and Meghan – and without the knowledge of the senior royals.

After their wedding in 2018, Prince Harry, 36, and his newlywed Duchess Meghan, 39, moved into Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, UK. Until her official retirement as senior royals, it was the home of the family and their son Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, one. But two weeks ago, the Sussex’s furniture was said to have been cleared out in a night-and-fog operation.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are said to have informed royals later

Frogmore Cottage was a gift from Queen Elizabeth, 94, to her grandson Prince Harry and his wife. Now, however, it will serve as a residence for Princess Eugenie and her husband. “Moving trucks drove up in the middle of the night and cleared the cottage. They definitely didn’t want to be seen,” an insider told The Sun. The reason for the evacuation: The pregnant Princess Eugenie, 30, and her husband Jack Brooksbank are said to have moved into Frogmore Cottage.

Frogmore House was built in 1680 and is located south of St George’s Chapel. Here Prince Charles gives a reception for Meghan and Harry on the evening of May 19

As “The Sun” reports, the Queen is said to have found out about all of this relatively late. A source told the newspaper: “Apparently it was told the Queen after the couple discussed the plan.” According to the source, the royals were taken by surprise by the idea. “But Harry, Meghan, Eugenie and Bube have agreed on it. There is a close bond between them.” British media are already calling the four king members “the new Fab-Four”. The “fantastic four” that once consisted of the Sussexes and Prince William, 38, and Duchess Catherine, 38.

Frogmore Cottage is said to remain owned by Prince Harry

The cottage near Windsor Castle stood empty for eight months. Now Princess Eugenie and her husband moved into the former house of Harry and Meghan two weeks ago. According to an insider, the cottage will still be owned by the Sussex and will technically serve as accommodation for the 36-year-old and the native American when they travel to England. Prince Harry, who was always close to his cousin, is said to have made an agreement with her. Exact details are not known. Secret look behind the pa … Royals (1129601)

This is another bang for the British media: This is the final break, the final explanation for the fact that Prince Harry does not intend to live permanently in Great Britain with his family again. “Empty your house and hand over the keys is a pretty clear sign that Harry and Meghan have no plans to return,” an anonymous source told The Sun.

The ideal home for Princess Eugenie and her family

While some dub the handover of the house as the final break between Harry and Meghan, others see it as a loving gesture to Princess Eugenie. It is the ideal house for a growing family.

“Frogmore was designed with Meghan and Harry in mind, with son Archie in mind, making it the perfect place for a couple to raise a baby.”

In addition to the costly modernization of the cottage, there are other points that speak in favor of the location. Eugenie’s parents Prince Andrew, 60, and Sarah Ferguson, 61, own the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park just a few miles away. Windsor Castle is also nearby.

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