Wilfried Zaha was again under attack on Saturday as Crystal Palace earned three points from Old Trafford. The star player hit the Palace 3–1 victory twice.

Zaha ended up in the headlines in England as well Patrice Evran thanks to the noise exhibitions. The Frenchman, who now works as an expert in Sky Sports, played for Manchester United at the same time as Zaha David Moyesin in the infamous era.

However, Zahan’s ManU career remained short as the Scottish manager didn’t trust the man at all. Evra told Sky Sports why Zaha’s playing time at ManU was limited.

– I remember what ruined Zaha’s career at Manchester United. Whether it was true or not, he was said to have a relationship with David Moyes ’daughter, Evra revealed.

– I remember how he played all the games during the training season, but when the news came out, he was out of the games. He disappeared completely.

Zaha eventually played only a few official matches at ManU.

“We are sorry”

After the rumble of Evra, Sky Sports Kelly Cates regretted the expert’s comment.

– To our knowledge, Wilfried Zaha has never met David Moyes’ daughter, and Patrice’s claim was not true. We’re sorry if we hurt some, Cates said.

Zaha has commented on the rumor earlier in the Daily Mail.

– I was really frustrated with the whole United thing that people didn’t know what was really going on on the training ground. Rumors came from somewhere, and people believed them.

– It was said that I was in bed with David Moyes’ daughter or that I had a bad attitude. Those two rumors revolved around me until I left. There has been nothing since.

After rumors, Zaha was traded back to Crystal Palace, in whose ranks he has risen to be one of the best players in the series.

If the Sky Sports apology video doesn’t appear on your device, you can watch it from here.

Source: Daily Mail