The video game industry and its community continue to catch their breath after Microsoft started the week with a bombshell that shook everything from the ground up: the acquisition of ZeniMax Media and, therefore, of all the studios that are under its veil, such as Bethesda Softworks, id Software and MachineGames.

And even with the impact, the rumor is already circulating that Microsoft also bought Sega, one of the most representative companies in the industry.

The rumor started on 4chan, where it was emphasized that this acquisition will be announced within the framework of the Tokyo Game Show which will take place this Wednesday, September 23, 2020.

‘Attention. Bethesda isn’t the last company Microsoft bought and announced this year. Communicate the acquisition of Sega Sammy Holdings at the Tokyo Game Show this Wednesday ‘, reads the publication, recovered in this tweet from Todo Mega Drive.

An interesting fact is that this purchase would have been announced for months, but Atlus She was skeptical of the idea of ​​porting all of her IPs to PC and Xbox, but eventually accepted the idea after seeing the sales it had. Person 4 and PC.

Remember that Atlus is a developer and publisher owned by Sega.

Another aspect of interest is that the acceptance that the saga has had Yakuza in Game Pass was another of the decisive factors behind this supposed acquisition.

In fact, the reason the collection still doesn’t come out Yakuza HD on Xbox it’s because Microsoft wants to make a remake of Yakuza 3 and then launch deliveries 4, 5, 6, Dead Souls e Were reunited in an anthology called Essential Collection.

We insist, this is a rumor that started on 4chan so you need to question yourself at all times.

We’ll see if something happens at the Tokyo Game Show and if the rumor is confirmed, then Microsoft will once again shake the entire industry.