Let’s face it: A lot of the times we share stories through Instagram, we do them thinking that our crush will be present.

And if it is not necessarily with that objective, users like to know who is watching them because, finally, content is being generated for those followers.

Or, it may be that not many care about this function, but the option of being able to know how many and who look at the stories in Instagram generates a certain morbidity and virtual / mental stability.

It can even be a necessary alternative for influencers or those who make a living from their content on networks; In stories, you can give an idea of ​​the level of acceptance and reach that users have of your publications.

However, some members of the platform began to panic when they discovered that the views no longer appeared in their stories, so, as expected, they began to express their complaints through other social networks such as Twitter.

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Some users hope it is just an update or a bug.

However, some users have reported that they can appreciate the views in their posts again.

Unlike other updates, this time, Instagram has not issued any official statement on plans related to removing the views of the stories.

Previously, the social network, in order to seek the peace of mind of users decided to remove the activity log, as well as the number of likes in the accounts.

However, the fact that the views have disappeared could be a simple error or some test that the application was performing.

Whatever the reason, users have indicated that this option returned to normal, but it is clear that it is something vital for the current interaction.

Unocero’s team contacted the social network to find out what could have been the reason for the momentary disappearance. We will be aware of more information.

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