Devolo tools to improve the wifi signal at home, prices

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The Devolo company, German networking specialist, presents the Magic 2 WiFi next, a solution that combines the functionalities of Wifi Mesh and Powerline technology (PLC). The latest version of, the PLC standard, allows data transmission speeds of up to 2,400 Mbps in the main network, which makes the Magic 2 series integrate, for the moment, the fastest PLC adapters that can be found in our market. Note that the system supports Multi-User MIMO technology and improves Wi-Fi performance through the access point steering.

Magic 2 WiFi next is an evolution of the Magic range, for Heiko Harbers, CEO of Devolo AG. ‘The latest generation of makes Powerline technology more powerful than ever, and ceilings and walls do not block the Internet signal. Combined with the enhanced Wi-Fi features of Magic 2 Wi-Fi next, this creates the best possible user experience throughout the home. ‘

The brand adapters provide a range up to 500 meters over electrical wiring, to turn outlets into a powerful, high-speed access point.

Multi-User MIMO

The device provides a improved Wi-Fi connection performance thanks to Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) technology, which provides optimum transmission speed to several terminals at the same time. For example, when someone is playing on streaming a series in 4K or the latest documentary in 8K from the living room, at the same time that the youngest of the house play online with the tablet and another person makes a video call. In these situations, MU-MIMO controls the transmission of Wi-Fi data in an automated way.

Technological contributions

As a new Mesh feature, Devolo Magic 2 WiFi includes access point steering that facilitates the user to be automatically forwarded to the most powerful nearby access point, so that smartphone, a tablet or other device stays with a good connection, even on the go. These features are complemented by additional features such as fast roaming, band steering, airtime fairness y config sync (SSID único).

Fast roaming (client steering) ensures a fast connection of client-devices with the most powerful Wi-Fi access point, but it is the device that performs the operation automatically. He band steering integrated into the WiFi Magic 2 adapters, it ensures that all connected devices are automatically assigned to the optimal frequency band. Instead of the 2.4 GHz band that is usually saturated, the devices operate in the 5 GHz band, without the user having to do anything. Thanks to the function airtime fairness fast devices requiring high speed get priority and are no longer slowed down by older and slower devices. For its part, config sync Allows Wi-Fi configuration data to be synchronized with all Magic Access Points.

WPA3 security

The device uses the WPA3 security protocol. The current safety standard of the WiFi Alliance It is based on the WPA2 protocol and offers protection against unwanted access, with improved 128-bit encryption. At the same time, it makes connecting new devices to your home network easier. This also requires that devices connected to Wi-Fi support WPA3 encryption. WPA2 protection remains available for all other connected products, and a mixed mode combining WPA3 and WPA2 is also possible.


Installing Devolo adapters is easy – first plug in an adapter and connect to the router via an Ethernet cable. For the next two minutes the second adapter is plugged in, and the two will pair automatically. In this process, they share a security identification number individualized so that the data connection through the electrical wiring remains protected. The application Home Network allows you to control the network intuitively through an application.


Magic 2 WiFi next is available in different possibilities, the Starter Kit includes two adapters per 199,90 euros and covers a living space of up to 90 m² approximately. He Multiroom Kit, covers wider spaces up to approximately 180 m², includes three adapters and costs 299,90 euros. To expand an existing Magic network, adapters are also available individually by 129,90 euros.



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