Nintendo Switch it is a wonderful console that must be valued for its nature hybrid, product of the ingenuity that always prevails inside the doors of the Great N, and it is also one that is receiving a support for of third-parties that for decades was not seen on company platforms.

The abundance of proposals for users of all ages and the attractiveness of the portable facet are the type of factors that make the Switch a console that smoothly placed on taste from the gamer public and the one who really has no commitment to video games.

And despite all the problems that has the console -reflected in the demand of which Nintendo was the object in 2019 on the occasion of the drifting presented by the Joy-Con or in another recently filed whose main claim is the evidence of programmed obsolescence-, a fact is that it presumes spectacular sales.

The rhythm with which Switch sells units each month seems that it will not stop for a long time and for example is the new record that the platform broke into United States, territory in which it enjoys excellent health.

According to information replicated by Mat Piscatella, video game analyst at The NPD Group, Nintendo Switch reached the mark of 22 consecutive months being the best-selling console in that country, a period that began to be counted from December 2018.

In this way, Nintendo Switch snatched the record from Xbox 360, console that for 21 consecutive months (from August 2011 to April 2013) was the most sold in the United States.

It is striking that these Switch records start from December 2018, since it can be assumed that their sales shot up around the time when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate went on the market.

We will see how the hybrid console once Sony and Microsoft release PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S.