Despite the out-of-control pandemic, millions of people travel for Thanksgiving in the US.

Health authorities had asked to avoid travel. But the influx at airports multiplied this week to the highest levels since March.

Millions of travelers in the United States have ignored warnings from health authorities not to travel before the Thanksgiving holidays due to the pandemic of coronavirus which is experiencing explosive growth throughout the country and threatens to turn Christmas black.

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), in charge of airport controls, this is the week with the most influx of travelers since the pandemic began in March, with an average of one million daily travelers since last weekend.

Many Americans are ignoring warnings from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) not to travel in this holiday period that culminates with Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday, but which is the kickoff for the entire period. Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the United States.

Health authorities fear that the movement of people and exchanges between family nuclei during these holidays shoot even more the number of infections across the country, including areas that have so far managed to keep the pandemic relatively under control this fall.

Infections are rising at a speed not seen so far in this country, which leads the world in total number of infected, with more than 12.6 million, and that in the last two weeks you have experienced 2 million new cases, and already accumulates more than 260,000 dead.

The Midwest and the north of the country are now the focus of this tragedy in various acts, with some hospitals overflowing and numbers of infections and hospitalizations at the highest since the health alert began.

The crowd control measures, curfews in bars and restaurants or the closure of schools or shops (this used to be the peak period of the year) that are taking place throughout the country have not served so far to stop the new peak of infections and the around 2,000 daily deaths that are occurring.

If Thanksgiving, as feared, ends up accelerating this explosive wave of infections, December and the holiday season may turn into the blackest period in recent American history, with 311,000 deaths before the end of the year, according to the most optimistic projections of the United States. Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME).

The chief epidemiologist of the United States, Anthony Fauci, issued a “last plea” to Americans on Wednesday to make sacrifices on this familiar holiday to avoid deaths within weeks.

“A sacrifice now can save lives and make the future much brighter to overcome this (the pandemic),” said the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID, in English) in an interview with ABC News.

Fauci recalled that vaccines are “on the horizon” and that you just have to have a little more patience, avoid crowds, especially in closed spaces, to be able to see the exit of a pandemic that has lasted for ten months.

At least two vaccines could receive authorization to be supplied from December to risk and priority groups, although it will surely be the candidate of Pfizer, which has already requested emergency authorization from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which will be available first.

Some states have imposed new restrictions coinciding with the festive season that begins with Thanksgiving. Pennsylvania has imposed a curfew as of 5:00 pm today and a ban on serving alcohol in bars to avoid crowds on what is traditionally considered one of the most drinking and socializing nights of the year. .

With the lack of leadership by the outgoing administration of Donald Trump, it is the states that are separately imposing the measures they consider appropriate to stop the spread of the pandemic, although some still do not require wearing masks in closed places Where you can’t keep your distance

The president-elect, Joe Biden, has set himself as his main task to stop the spread of the coronavirus and approve aid for the households most affected by the economic paralysis the country has faced.

States such as Maine, Minnesota and North Dakota have already said that with the current rate at which the virus is spreading, it is virtually impossible for them to conduct contact tracing in line with the CDC’s recommendations.



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