Despite the ban, they protested against the government in Bratislava

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At two o’clock in the afternoon, an anti-government demonstration in Bratislava in front of the Presidential Palace began by chanting the slogan “mask down, head up” on Hodža Square. In addition, the movement is illegal, as there is an emergency situation in Slovakia, which means that there is a ban on gathering.

There were about two hundred on the spot under the flag of the Soviet Union and Slovakia in about two hours. Protesters call the velvet revolution an illegal coup and the break-up of Czechoslovakia illegal, he wrote.

The on-site correspondent of the Highland Portal met several Hungarian-speaking people in the crowd. The chanting of the slogan “mask down, head up” was followed by anti-state and anti-government and anti-Sulik slogans, as well as “treason”, “genocide” and “crimes against humanity”.

People hardly had a face mask, although so far Bratislava has produced very good indicators in the national testing, so the second round of testing was not even necessary.

The protesters shouted.

The political part of the demonstration would have started at four o’clock, but riot police thwarted the erection of the LSNS podium in front of the presidential palace. By then, Hodža Square was completely full, there may have been about two or three thousand people on site.

(Cover image: Demonstration in Bratislava on November 17, 2020. Photo: Radovan Stoklasa / Reuters)



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