Despite heart surgery and corona risk: King Harald is working again

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After his apparently well-survived heart surgery a month ago, Norway’s King Harald returned to work this week, despite rising corona numbers.

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6. November

King Harald: Heart surgery and the risk of corona do not keep him from working

King Harald of Norway, 83, has resumed his official duties. A sense of duty has shaped his entire life and will evidently until the end of his life. After his doctors gave him the green light, the recently heart-operated monarch has returned to his desk in the royal palace in Oslo. And that, although the number of cases is rising rapidly in Norway during the corona pandemic. An infection with Covid-19 could be life-threatening for the risk patient.

But King Harald is not deterred: yesterday, Thursday (November 5th), the 83-year-old completed an audience marathon. Today, Friday, he heads the State Council again and then has another day’s appointment. Apparently the king wants to get started again. Fortunately, he is getting active support: His son and heir to the throne, Prince Haakon, 47, is up to date and will continue to be by his side for official business and important meetings.

5. November

Princess Leonor could not celebrate her 15th birthday as planned

This birthday took place in secret. Princess Leonor turned 15 on October 31. But a suitably large celebration was out of the question that day. The corona pandemic thwarted the Spanish heir to the throne.

The actually pleasant event also passed the public by. In contrast to most European royal houses, the Spanish palace only publishes official pictures of the royal couple and their children on certain occasions or on special birthdays or anniversaries. There were therefore no photos of Leonor at their celebration, as the news portal “Vanitatis” explains.

But the lack of a big party was probably particularly painful for the teenager. The 15-year-old is said to have celebrated with her family on the grounds of the Zarzuela Palace, as reported by “Hola”. But due to the impending danger of a corona infection, Leonor was not allowed to invite her friends this year. A wise decision also because the royal family should of course serve as a role model for their people. Social distancing is the order of the day.

One thing, however, should have pleased the princess: The popular Spanish band “Dúo Dinámico”, consisting of Ramón Arcusa, 83, and Manolo de la Calva, 83, sent the birthday child their huge hit “Quince años mi amor” (Eng .: ” 15 years, my love “) combined with congratulations via YouTube. A gesture that probably turned Leonor’s day of honor into an extraordinary celebration.

2. November

Princess Märtha Louise’s daughter Leah Isadora knows exactly what she wants

Leah Isadora, the daughter of Princess Märtha Louise, 49, and the late Ari Behn (†) is now 15 years old and it seems as if the teenage girl has already thought about what the future should look like. In the program “God Morgen Norge” on TV2, she spoke for the first time about her hobby, make-up, with which she has already built up a small follower community on Instagram. In doing so, she also comes up with the death of her father. Ari Behn had committed suicide on Christmas Day 2019 – for Leah Isadora a decisive experience that she can at least temporarily forget with her make-up art: “You get a break from reality. You just sit at it until you are completely finished I don’t even go to the toilet then. I think it’s nice to have something that I can just immerse myself in when I want. It helps me a lot to distract myself from time to time. ”

Although she currently only practices make-up as a hobby, she can also imagine making money with it, she says. At the same time, however, she’s afraid of the limelight, after all, she heard from her mother what it means to be judged by the public: “Yes, I’m afraid of it. I’m always afraid and scared of everything. To be more precise, I have not scared in the sense that I’m scared. It’s scary, but also exciting to get an ever larger audience. ”

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Source used: Instagram Dana Press, a vanity Hola


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