Derek Chauvin, the murderer of George Floyd, admits to tax evasion in court.

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was convicted of the murder of George Floyd, has pleaded guilty to two counts of tax evasion. He appeared in front of a judge via video from a federal prison in Tucson where he is serving his sentence for Floyd’s murder and violating his civil rights. Chauvin and his ex-wife were charged with underreporting more than $464,000 in joint income between 2014 and 2019 including at least $95,000 earned while working as an off-duty security guard. Prosecutors built their case around financial records found abandoned inside Chauvin’s former home.

Chauvin pressed his knees against George Floyd’s neck for over nine minutes on May 25th 2020 which led to nationwide protests about race relations within policing across America.

Three other officers present during the incident have also been convicted on charges relating to failing to intervene or complicity manslaughter; one state case remains pending.

## Background

Derek Chavin entered into a plea deal after being accused along with Kellie (his now ex-wife) last year for multiple counts related to under-reporting taxes owed by them both between years spanning from 2014-19 inclusive.

The couple had allegedly failed report earnings totalling over $464k jointly made during this period – it included money that Mr.Chavin received whilst moonlighting as an off duty security guard too.

Prosecutors used evidence gathered through personal documents discovered left behind when they vacated their previous residence – handwritten business schedules detailing Mr.Chavins’ extra work hours outside regular duties helped build up part of what became incriminating evidence against him & Mrs.Kellie.

## The Incident

George Perry Floyd Jr., aged forty-six died following arrest by four Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) officers: Derek Michael Chauvin knelt upon Floyds’ neck until he lost consciousness resulting ultimately leading towards death due lack oxygen supply caused by compression applied onto airways restricting breathing capacity severely enough so that brain damage occurred eventually causing cardiac arrest followed shortly thereafter ending life altogether without any chance recovery possible despite efforts medical personnel tried revive him unsuccessfully afterwards

This event sparked widespread outrage throughout United States society highlighting issues surrounding systemic racism prevalent within law enforcement agencies countrywide prompting mass demonstrations globally demanding justice be served accordingly

## Convictions

All three remaining MPD Officers involved alongside Derek Michael Chaun are facing criminal proceedings currently underway:
J.Alexander Kueng
Thomas Lane
Tou Thao

Kueng & Lane already pled guilty earlier this month regarding aiding abetting second-degree manslaughter charge each respectively whereas Tou Thao still awaiting trial date set yet but expected soon given circumstances surrounding ongoing investigations taking place simultaneously elsewhere involving similar cases recently reported news media outlets worldwide lately concerning excessive use force incidents occurring frequently amongst US Law Enforcement Agencies today unfortunately


It is ironic how someone whose profession relies heavily upon taxpayer funding would evade paying taxes themselves! It shows just how corrupt some individuals can become if not held accountable properly beforehand before things escalate out control like happened here sadly…

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