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It is a variation of Covid-19 that arose in these animals and has already passed to 12 people. They will kill all the copies that the country has

Denmark, the world’s leading producer of mink fur, will euthanize more than 15 million of those animals bred in their territory. The decision was made by a Covid-19 mutation that would have already passed to 12 people, which would pose a threat to the efficacy of a future vaccine against the disease.

“The virus mutated through mink could represent a risk that future vaccines (against the coronavirus) don’t work as they should“Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said during a press conference with health officials on Wednesday.

“All the minks must be sacrificed”, he added, representing between 15 and 17 million animals.

A mutation in a virus is normal, and a mutation does not mean that it will behave differently, according to scientists. Furthermore, determining the specific consequences of a mutation is complex.

But although this mutation it does not aggravate complications caused by the coronavirus in humans, the Danish authorities consider to be characterized by lower efficacy of human antibodies, which threatens the development of a coronavirus vaccine.

“Continue with the breeding of these minks would pose a very high risk to public healthboth in Denmark and abroad, “warned the head of the Danish Infectious Disease Control Authority (SSI), Kåre Mølbak.

The mutated virus that was found in mink “does not respond as much to antibodies as the normal virus. Antibodies always have an effect, but not as effective,” he said.

According to Health Minister Magnus Heunicke, “Research has shown that mutations can affect current projects for a Covid-19 vaccine.”

“It is a threat to the development of vaccines against the coronavirus, so we must carry out a national campaign,” he insisted.

This mutation was identified in five farms. The 12 cases of human transmission of the virus were detected in North Jutland (west), where the majority of breeding sites are concentrated. But nevertheless, they are no longer carriers, according to SSI.

Denmark is the world’s largest exporter of mink fur, an activity that has made the fortune of more than 1,000 farms in the little Nordic kingdom.

After the first cases of coronavirus were detected in these animals, the Government launched an extensive campaign to kill minks this summer in infected hatcheries, which it was extended in october due to the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic in numerous hatcheries.

On Monday, the authorities had already sacrificed more than 1.2 million copies. The government promised compensation to breeders. The sector employs some 6,000 people in this country of 5.8 million inhabitants.

It’s a black day for all of us and for Denmark“Tage Pedersen, president of the Association of Mink Breeders, said in a statement.

“Of course, we do not want to be the cause of a new pandemic (…) but the Government’s decision It is a disaster for our industry and for Denmark. It is in fact a permanent closure and liquidation of the fur industry, “he said.

Good student of the management of the pandemic with 729 deaths so far, Denmark faces a sharp increase in cases and toughened measures since the end of October.


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