FromSoftware has earned its place as one of the quintessential developers releasing difficult games to the market. Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne Y Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are just some of the titles that confirm this assertion.

With the PlayStation 5 just around the corner, we know that one of the launch titles will be the remake of Demon’s Souls, a game that has been shown gameplay and that we can say that it boasts an abysmal graphic improvement over the original 2009 game.

This rehash does not come from FromSoftware, but from YOU Japan Studio Y Bluepoint Games, and therefore the question in the air is whether the difficulty will be respected.

Now that various media are reporting that it will not be possible to choose the difficulty, the reaction of the users was immediate.

Those familiar with FromSoftware games applaud the developers’ decision to remake give no opportunity to lower the challenge level, but since social networks are fertile ground for complaints, there are also those who disagree with leaving out those users who do not have the ability to overcome challenges of this nature.

It doesn’t make sense that there isn’t an easy way no accessibility features. If your vision is pushed aside, your vision needs to be corrected ‘, says this tweet:

‘It is a missed opportunity that Demon’s Souls has no way to players who just want to experience a visual feast in a launch title ‘, says this other:

And of course there are the purists, like this one who says that the essence of the saga Souls It is overcoming obstacles that seem impossible and not giving up:

The remake of Demon’s Souls comes November 12 to PS5.