Demon Slayer Mugen Train, debut in Japan beats the absolute record for a film, not just animated

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Demon Slayer Mugen Train, the anime based on the manga by Koyoharu Gotoge, broke records in Japan’s box office debut: we will see it also in Italy.

A nice slap at Covid: the animated film Demon Slayer – Mugen Train of study Ufotable, taken from manga in Koyoharu Gotōge, also origin of an animated series seen in Italy on VVVVID, has literally boxoffice in Japan on the first weekend. We speak of a absolute record for a film, not only animated: 44 million dollars in three days are numbers to Checco Zalone, when the previous record was held by Matrix Reloaded, which in 2003 brought home the equivalent of 21 million in the first weekend (inflation permitting, the figure effective should still be lower than the Demon Slayer result).
If we then compare the outcome to the debuts of foreign animated competitors such as Frozen 2 or with national rivals like the Makoto Shinkai of Weathering with You, for these, however, we speak of 18 and 15 million respectively: the gap is considerable. In the context of the pandemic, it is an explosion that restores centrality to the cinema experience, even if it must be remembered that Japan has now canceled the restrictions for the Coronavirus in the cinema, at least in theaters where food is not consumed, where instead it seems to be still in force the distancing. Demon Slayer – Mugen Train it was distributed by Toho and Aniplex in 365 regular copies and 38 IMAX copies.
They are certainly good news for our local Dynit, who just this month acquired the rights for Italy of the feature film directed by Haruo Sotozaki, already among the directors of the television anime: we count on the usual event output?


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