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Former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden leads the president by nearly 10 percentage points in the national average of opinion polls for the Nov. 3 election. And that prompted Lindsey Graham’s comment.

Democrats have a “good chance” of winning the White House, the Republican senator recognized this Thursday Lindsey Graham, very close to Donald Trump, underlining the positive dynamics that Joe Biden seems to be leading in front of the president and candidate 19 days after the vote in the United States.

In these elections plagued with shocks, where more than 17.5 million Americans have already voted early, the two candidates will respond this Thursday live to the questions of the voters, but each on different channels.

The Republican president will respond for an hour to a group of citizens in Florida starting at 8:00 p.m. local time (00:00 GMT) on NBC, while simultaneously his rival will do the same in his home state of Pennsylvania on a competing network, ABC.

Both are key territories and they were conquered by the Republican millionaire in 2016, although Joe Biden now seems able to dispute the victory.

The 77-year-old former Democratic vice president leads Trump, 74, by nearly ten percentage points in the national average of opinion polls for the November 3 elections. But above all it is moving forward, albeit with a narrower margin, in the key states that decide the election.

Enough to make prominent Senator Graham admit that Democrats have a “good chance of winning the White House,” a very rare position for this figure of the Republican Party.

His remarks come days after fellow conservative lawmaker Ted Cruz warned that Republicans may face “a bloodbath” in the November elections.

But observers regularly repeat their calls for prudence, noting for example the 2016 scrutiny, when Trump gave one of the biggest surprises in history American policy by beating Hillary Clinton. The Democratic candidate also led polls in the weeks leading up to the vote.

Recovered, and even boasting of being “immunized” from the virus, the president returned with pleasure to the campaign ring on Monday and has appeared every afternoon in his red cap and surrounded by thousands of supporters in key states. Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa: Trump held three rallies in three days and has another scheduled this Thursday in North Carolina.

Opposite, the Democratic vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, had to suspend their trips “due to excessive prudence”, until Sunday due to the diagnosis of covid-19 cases in his environment, announced the Democratic campaign team, which specified that Joe Biden gave negative to the test carried out on Wednesday night.

Firm in his strategy, Trump does not stop launching attacks against his adversary. On Wednesday in Des Moines, Iowa, he charged Biden of being a “corrupt politician”. “He shouldn’t even be allowed to run for the White House,” he said.

And he repeated his accusation that if the Democrat wins “the radical left will rule the country.”

Trump declined to participate in a second debate, scheduled for Thursday, since organizers announced last week that it would be held virtually as a precautionary measure, in case it was still contagious.

“I will not waste my time”, then launched.

Extremely cautious against the virus, even too much according to Republicans who accuse him of taking advantage of it to hide from voters, Biden refused to delay the date of his second duel as proposed by Trump’s team.

Democrats did not agree to change a long-set schedule to follow the “cerratic behavior “of Trump, based on the response from Biden’s team.


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