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It was claimed by ActBlue, the most popular virtual platform among America’s progressive candidates and causes.

The democrats are breaking fundraising records of funds following the death on Friday of progressive US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, announced this Sunday ActBlue, the most popular virtual platform among progressive candidates and causes in the United States. Everything to be able to beat Donald Trump in November.

ActBlue announced in a statement that donors had contributed more than $ 91 million to progressive groups within 28 hours of the announcement of Ginsburg’s death, which occurred on Friday shortly before 8:00 p.m. local time (00:00 GMT on Saturday).

The platform indicated that the death of the judge has led to an unprecedented increaseDonors gave $ 6.3 million in just one hour on Friday, and $ 70.6 million on Saturday, both record numbers.

The highest number ActBlue had ever reached in one hour was $ 4 million, and in a day it was $ 42 million.

“The record response we’ve seen from small donors shows that the left is excited about fulfilling its (Ginsburg’s) last wish and ready. to fight (President Donald) Trump “, said ActBlue CEO Erin Hill.

The death of the judge has unleashed one pulse between Republicans and Democrats on the search for a replacement, an issue that will radically change the dynamics of the campaign for the presidential election.

The Supreme Court is made up of nine magistrates with life appointments who have the power to change the laws of the country for decades. Until Ginsburg passed away, the court had 5 conservative and 4 progressive magistrates.

The judges are appointed by the president and have to be confirmed by the Senate.

Trump has already advanced that intends to present his candidate next week and who will likely be a woman, while Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has promised to put the president’s nominee to a vote in the chamber.

Hill noted that McConnell’s promise has also encouraged donations to Democrats.

“Grassroots donors are excited and investing to regain the majority of the Senate and the White House, by electing Democratic candidates at the polls and strengthening the organizations on the front lines of the imminent fight for judicial confirmation, “he said.

The Democratic candidate for the White House, Joe Biden, has opined that the US president who is elected at the polls on November 3 should be the one who chooses a replacement for Ginsburg.

ActBlue has raised more than $ 3 billion for Democratic causes since the end of August, according to data it provided earlier this month.

Source: EFE



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