Democrats are excited to beat Donald Trump in conservative Georgia, a key state

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Since 1992 they have never elected a Democratic president there. But Joe Biden is hoping to steal those votes from him.

Neighbors and volunteers distribute water and sandwiches to masked voters patiently waiting for their turn in the sunshine in Smyrna, a charming Atlanta suburb.

There is a week to go before the presidential elections on November 3 in the United States, and yet this morning here already looks like a great election day.

Nestled in the conservative south of the country, the state of Georgia has not voted for a Democratic candidate for the White House since 1992. But Joe Biden, 77, is close in polls to Republican President Donald Trump, 74.

And the Democrats begin to dream.

Almost 40% of Georgia voters have already voted in this call, in which local authorities and congressmen are also renewed.

Y two Democratic candidates have a chance to replace Republican senators representing this state on Capitol Hill. His victories could help tip the majority in the Upper House.

Jamal and Michelle Jenkins came with their baby Asia, which his dad carries in a backpack. They’ve been waiting in line for 40 minutes.

“Yes, I am clear about my decision,” says Michelle, 33, outlining a smile that, with part of her face covered by the mask, is revealed in her eyes. She and her husband, 31, both African-American, will vote for Democrat Biden.

For 40 years, Cobb County has voted Republican until 2016 when it opted for Hillary Clinton.

Atlanta is the “black capital,” continues Jamal Jenkins, about the city where Martin Luther King was born. “We are trying to mobilize to make ourselves heard.”

With one African-American in three and an increasingly young, diverse, and college-educated population, the Atlanta, Georgia area (10.6 million residents) has “very few undecided voters” this time, just 4%. explains Trey Hood, professor of political science at the University of Georgia.

“For the parties, it is therefore really a matter of mobilizing rather than persuading,” he adds.

Trump staged a grand rally in Macon, south of Atlanta, in mid-October, and by September he had already come to launch a business aid program for African-Americans.

Biden, for his part, visited the “Peach State” this Tuesday and his running mate, Kamala Harris, the first black vice presidential candidate, was here on friday.

“When we vote, we win!” Biden’s running mate threw in front of a group of residents, mostly black people.

“The demographic change of the last decades” explains in part this close duel between Trump and Biden, analyzes Trey Hood. “But another part comes from the real motivation among Democrats to vote against Trump,” he notes.


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