The actress’ story is a real roller coaster: from a childhood full of insecurity and doubts, a tumultuous relationship with her mother, to success and fame, and from success and fame to the uncertainty that she is a good mother and actress.

Confession brings with it reflections on self-image that is often questioned outwardly. The effervescent world of Hollywood can distort reality in an instant, and what success means is often a constant struggle for survival, as the actress reveals.

The book is not only an autobiography, but also a lesson for readers. Demi Moore says at one point, “If you carry in your soul the oppressive weight of shame and unresolved trauma, no matter how much money and no matter how successful and famous you are, it means nothing.”

Demi Moore wrote in the book about her drug and alcohol problems in the mid-1980s. She suffered another fall in 2012, at the end of her marriage to Ashton Kutcher, when her daughters stopped talking to her and she weighed 46 kilograms. . She was hurt during a party and was hospitalized after smoking synthetic cannabis and inhaling nitrogen oxide, according to The New York Times. In the memoir, the actress also tells how she was raped by a man paid by her mother. “It was rape. And a devastating betrayal, revealed by a man’s cruel question: how does it feel to be fucked by your mother for $ 500?” The actress told ABC.

Demi Moore made her film debut in 1981. Her lead role in “My Beloved Ghost,” the highest grossing film of the year, earned her a Golden Globe nomination. In 1996, Moore became the highest paid actress in the film’s history, when she received a $ 12.5 million fee for her role in “Striptease.” Her personal life has been publicized, especially her marriages with actors Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher. She and Willis have three daughters together: Rumer, Scout and Tallulah.