Demanded twelve years in prison against Curaçao couple who threw a girl off the rock

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The Public Prosecution Service (OM) in Curaçao on Friday demanded a twelve-year prison sentence against a couple who are suspected of kidnapping a seventeen-year-old Dutch girl and throwing it off a rock into the sea.

Couple withdraws confession

The trainee from Haaksbergen is said to have also been robbed and assaulted by the couple. She survived the kidnapping by hiding in the water under a rock.

The incident took place on August 25 last year. The two suspects would have given her a ride, after which they forced her to withdraw money from her account. They would also have used violence against her. During a pre-trial in January, the victim said she felt she had ended up in a nightmare.

After the girl was thrown into the sea, she eventually managed to swim to a beach. There she was found by a woman who took her to the police. Thanks to security footage taken at the ATMs where the girl was forced to withdraw money, the perpetrators were eventually caught.

The couple pleaded guilty in January, but got back to it on Friday. The intern would have wanted to buy drugs from them but not have had cash with him. According to the man, that would explain why he was recorded with her at an ATM. The man and woman deny kidnapping, assaulting and throwing the girl from a rock.

However, according to the OM, the kidnapping and assault have been proven. The judge will rule on November 6.



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