Delfino and Scola, more current than ever: duel in Italy with Argentine flavor and a nod from Ginobili

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The Pesaro of the santafesino stayed with the duel against Varese. Luifa, who also had a great game, is still the tournament’s top scorer. From the social networks Manu appeared with all his affection.

Two glories in Argentine basketball activity met again on a court. The victory went to the team of Carlos Delfino from Santa Fe, Pesaro, ante andl Varese by Luis Scola by 85-78 in the seventh date of the Italian Basketball League A (Legabasket).

At the Pesaro stadium, the same town where Argentina beat Italy in 2016 in the Davis Cup quarterfinals, on the way to the historic conquest of the Salad Bowl, the Head and the Luifa once again demonstrated its enormous validity.

The two Olympic champions in Athens 2004 had a outstanding performance in the match played this Sunday at the Vitrifrigo Arena.

Delfino (former Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Pistons and Houston Rockets NBA player) started as a starter in the winning team and was on the court for 32 minutes, basking 18 points. In addition, for Carlos’ roster, 2 rebounds, 4 steals and 4 assists were scored.

The other Argentine who played for Delfino’s team was Ariel Filloy. The Cordoba signed a roster with 5 goals (1-3 in doubles, 1-5 in triples), 2 assists and 2 rebounds in 22 minutes.

Luis Scola, “The immortal” (as he is nicknamed in Italy), had a good performance in the match. These were the numbers of the match for the captain of the Argentine national team in the last World Cup China 2019 and who aspires to be in the Tokyo Olympic Games: 22 goals (3-5 in doubles, 4-5 in triples, 4-8 in free ), 6 rebounds and 2 assists in 31 minutes for Varese. Additionally, the former Toronto Raptors, Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers and Brooklyn Nets player continues to be the championship top scorer.

The 40-year-old power forward, who emerged from Ferro, accumulates an average of 23.9 points; 6.4 rebounds and 1.1 assists per game. It is clear: the plan Luifa to get to the next Olympics in good shape is paying off.

In a recent talk with Clarín, Scola commented that his choice for Varese it had to do with his need to get to a team that would allow him to compete at the highest level, thinking about the possibility of playing the Tokyo Olympics next year, but at the same time, dose energies.

And Varese offered him just that: play matches only on weekends, since they do not compete in the Euroleague and therefore have less wear. For now, Luifa he breaks it in League A and is happy with his performance.

After the match, Carlos Delfino posted a photo with Scola on his Instagram account and added: “How nice to be inside a court again with you Captain. And how strange it was always to face you, although it is always more beautiful and valuable to do so at this point in our lives, “the post ended.

And the Pesaro and Varese players were not the only ones happy, since another Argentine legend joined in with good vibes on social networks.

Manu Ginobili commented on his Twitter account: “And also nice to see you together, enjoying and breaking it on the court. Big hug, little friends”.

Users on Twitter joined in responding to the Argentine idol: “Come back Manu! That’s how we enjoyed the three of them in Tokyo 2021.” Another user commented: “Manu, what if you put your shorts on and join in?”

Beyond dreams, there is a concrete reality to enjoy the hands of Luifa Scola and Carlos Delfino, who break it in Italy and generate illusion every time they enter a field.

(With information from Télam)


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