Delfina, the evil Floricienta with whom Isabel Macedo shines

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The villainous character that the actress composed 16 years ago has all the ingredients to keep her current. It is one of the keys to the success of this Telefe replacement.

It was the character that made her famous. Isabel Macedo created, with her character of Delfina, in Floricienta, a villain of those that costs nothing to hate and are easy to remember. The recreation returned to the public’s memory with the revival of the 2004 strip (premiered by El Trece), which Telefe brought back to its screen every afternoon.

If Florencia, the character of Florencia Bertotti, is a modern version of Cinderella, in the fiction created by Cris Morena she could not miss her other side: the stepsister. And that’s what Delfina, in the antipodes of the heroine.

Macedo put together an ideal duo with Graciela Stefani, his fictional mother, with that Malala who, even by the design of the name, cannot avoid being a real villain. Characteristic that her daughter inherited in history.

From the physical point of view, the actress sought to give an image to her character that would put her on the sidewalk in front of Flor, the protagonist sweet and pure love. Delfina is always wearing designer clothes, stylized and especially with that tight hairstyle that, just seeing it hurts.

The actress said at the time that this characterization helped her to put together the malicious profile of her creature. AND it started with the hair, very different from his, by then curled.

Delfina lacks nothing to be hateful and irritate: is envious, possessive, liar, manipulative and abusive. She is not nice nor does she care to be, she is selfish and channels all her evil towards the tender and generous Floricienta.

But to give a little respite to such bad vibes, of course there is a share of humor. And that’s why the character is so effective, too. Why play to the extreme and provoke laughter.

Like those bad girls in cartoons who almost always do everything wrong and can’t fight the goodness of the heroine they hate, Delfina, more than once, even wakes up a little tenderness for her clumsiness.

16 years ago, Macedo was looking for her place as an actress and, with this antagonistic role in the strip, she managed to reach a demanding and faithful audience such as children and adolescents.

His popularity grew along with history and more than once they looked at her with fear on the street, or they booed her at performances when the play went on to become a theatrical season, so identified with the triple-surname villain: Delfina Santillán Torres Oviedo.

By then Isabel was the girlfriend of Facundo Arana that, that year, made another television success that remained in history: the period drama Father courage. And that enhanced the impact and the arrival of the character.

The actress spent the scenes perched on Delfina’s stilettos, rigid and with the face of few friends for hours of recording. But when the camera was turned off, everything was laughter and hugs between her and the younger protagonists who suffered her mistreatment in fiction.

Actors and actresses often say that evil characters are more fun because with them they can play to do the worst things and nothing happens. Macedo agreed with this idea and that is why he played exaggeration with the hateful Delfina.

The phenomenon Floricienta He went from television to theater and then to world tours. The character of Delfina caused a furor in Israel, for example, where the fans of the strip yelled at her: “Isabel, I love you” when the performances ended.

After this Delfina, many more characters came, and very different for Macedo, in fictions such as Botineras, Pretty or Graduates, where she played a double role as the girl who suffered bullying for her weight in high school and decides to take revenge on her former classmates years later.

But Delfina and her evil deeds, in complicity with Malala or alone, were the kick for Macedo to definitely earn a proper name as an actress and become a familiar face to all the public.


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