Decision time in Boca: does Miguel Russo travel to Asunción and Medellín for the Copa Libertadores or not?

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The recommendation of the Soccer Council led by Juan Román Riquelme is that the coach does not go to the games against Libertad and DIM.

“They are decisions.” The most repeated phrase by Miguel Angel Russo to explain any conflict or avoid uncomfortable situations -such as, for example, what is coming in this uncertain context due to a pandemic that affected the plans of Boca, the last Super League champion- can be resumed without any problem. Within days of restarting his participation in the Copa Libertadores, the DT will not only have to resolve the team and the delegation that will travel to Asunción: Their presence or not at the meeting in Paraguayan territory will also be resolved.

Isolated from the contagion outbreak that emerged in the bubble that was mounted (and failed) in Ezeiza, the DT maintained contact via Zoom and from his cell phone with each player on the squad. In addition to the daily talks to have permanent contact between the coach and the players, he also transmitted to his players the calm and confidence that usually characterizes him.

That is why it is also very likely that he will be on the premises for this weekend’s practice, with almost the entire team available. It would be his return to the Ezeiza complex after 14 days, with the players recovered from infections and without risk of infection for the coach xeneize.

Russo wants at least to be able to witness a soccer rehearsal on the field. Then he will have certainty of how he sees his team and, with the logical care (the club set up a sanitizing tent for him and also has an office on the first floor of the premises), he will be able to give the indications about what he thought for that atypical match against Freedom.

For that, 90 percent of the campus will be available, since during the week All the players who had had Covid-19 infections rejoined.

The recommendation of the Soccer Council led by Juan Román Riquelme is that Russo does not travel to Paraguay or Colombia, the first two destinations that Boca will have to face for its next games. On Thursday 17 they will be measured against Libertad, in Asunción, and a week later – on Thursday 24 – Independiente Medellín will receive Boca at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium.

In the first leg at the Bombonera, the locals won 3-0 with two goals from This Salvio and one of Bebelo Reynoso, who is no longer in Boca and joined Minnesota from MLS.

Boca will define its luck in this unusual Cup in the two games to be played at Brandsen 805. The risks of a possible contagion are high, despite the thousand protocols that Conmebol claims to have for its delegations to travel.

If you know: Russo is a double risk group for being over 60 years of age and also having a pre-existing disease.

The final resolution will be taken at the weekend, when after seeing his players the coach holds a final talk. He wants to be with them, he does not intend to put them aside in this atypical restart, but also from the club they announced that “It is best to avoid your trip”.

If he still decides to do so, it will be a responsibility that the DT will assume. For example, President Jorge Amor Ameal will not be in the delegation heading to Asunción because he is also a man who is within the risk group and in his place will be attended by Secretary General Ricardo Rosica and the manager in charge of institutional relations, Alejandro González .

In the case of no-show in Paraguay, the technical leadership will be in charge of Leandro somoza (already recovered from the coronavirus contagion) and of Mariano Herrón, who took charge of the last practices and in whom a key job was deposited: the video analysis of all the games the Paraguayans played at this time. And there, the decisions will change voice, although all will be thought by the coach himself xeneize.




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