Decade in jail for the Iranian ‘instagramer’ who shared photos as a ‘Angelina Jolie zombie’

Sahar Tabar, la instagramer Iranian who joined prison a year ago for sharing pictures of his own distorted face, generating the nickname ‘Angelia Jolie zombie’, has been sentenced to 10 years throughout prison, informs The Guardian.

Tabar, whose real name is Fatemeh Khishvan, is 19 years old in addition to reached half a million followers.

She had been accused of corruption of youngsters and lack of respect for the Islamic Republic from Iran, for which the lady was imprisoned. In spring, the lady asked to be liveried, saying the lady had contracted Covid-19.

After his / her imprisonment, Tabar even appealed towards the actress Angelina Jolie to strategy for their liberation, saying: “The Islamic Republic has a history of tormenting ladies. We need to be united against this apartheid of genre”.

Now, this Iranian authorities accused her associated with blasphemy, incitement to violence, getting income through inappropriate means and inspiring young people to corruption. Her law firm said she had been acquitted associated with two of the four charges towards her, but did not want to describe further because they are still waiting for the pardon to come.

In October recently, Iranian state television broadcast pictures in which Tabar was apologetic. Television system described Tabar as “a sufferer with a personality and an unnatural mental state“who was looking for” vulgarity “on social media.

In supplement, there are medical reports that claim that the young woman has a mental illness, with history of visits to psychiatric hospitals, which according to his lawyer, the actual 10-year sentence even less explainable.

His lawyers had asked being put in bail and they highlighted his / her young age at this time he committed the alleged crimes.



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