Deborah Secco’s daughter gets a day at the pool after getting rid of plaster on her arm. Photograph!

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Daughter of Deborah Secco and Hugo Moura, Maria Flor, almost 5 years old, got rid of the plaster. The girl had to immobilize her arm after suffering a fall at home almost a month ago. To celebrate the recovery, the little girl got a day at the pool. With printed beachwear and hat, Maria Flor proved her fashionista side. “Who is this mermaid by the pool without a cast? Today is her whole day to celebrate!”, Wrote Deborah, currently seen in the reprise of the soap opera “Laços de Família” (2000), in which the villain Íris lives.

Deborah’s daughter’s size drew attention: ‘It’s big!’

Followers of the actress also celebrated Maria Flor’s recovery and extolled the beauty of the girl, with whom she is clicked on in various outdoor programs. “I’m glad she’s better,” pointed out an Instagram user. “God bless,” he wished for a second. “The princess took off the cast. Childish thing!” Commented a third. “It’s already great,” replied a fan Deborah, who also thanked other messages sent by admirers. “Little Princess”, praised a third. “How big it is. Time goes by fast!”, Another was surprised.

Actress pointed out ‘cancellation’ of Iris in ‘Family Ties’

Exhibited for the fourth time in 20 years, “Laços de Família” continues to draw public attention for its dramas and controversies. One of the villains in the story, Deborah said she does not believe that her Iris would be “canceled” these days, but made a reservation. “Reason to be canceled, SHE has millions”, assumed about the sister character of Helena (Vera Fischer) and that aroused the passion in the rude Pedro (José Mayer), with whom he ended the plot. At the same time that she reviews one of her most iconic characters, the artist has already resumed, in August, the recordings of the soap opera “Salve-se Quem Puder”, whose return to the grid is only scheduled for 2021.

Deborah’s daughter will debut at the theater. Know more!

Despite her young age, Maria Flor has been showing ease, spontaneity and willingness to follow in her parents’ footsteps. Shortly after the start of the period of social isolation, Deborah said that she was planning the debut of the little girl on stage. “I talked to Hugo and thought about setting her up with a cast of friends. It will mark Maria Flor’s life. Shall we go?”, He recalled. “I thought about debuting when she is between 5 and 6 years old. I think it will do. I have to do it. She said she wants it in a real theater,” added the owl mother about her daughter, who has already played her hairdresser in this quarantine.

(by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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