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Just twelve days to presidential election in United States, Donald Trump He faced last night what could have been his last chance to alter the course of a contest that has been very uphill for him, and he did so with a radically different attitude than he exhibited in the first debate against Joe Biden. The president last night deployed his more restrained version and respectful of the rules of the game to try to stop the bleeding of votes that threaten to turn him into a historical anomaly of a single term. It is highly questionable, however, that he succeeded because he encountered a Very solid biden, who never lost his nerve and knew how to fight back successfully to keep your favorite status in this final stretch of the campaign.

The good news is that the country was finally able to see a civilized exchange of ideas between two candidates selling antagonistic visions for the country. He reactionary nationalism of Trump in front of progressive possibilism of Biden. A feat that should be thanked by the Electoral Commission, which chose to silence the microphones at times to prevent the constant interruptions that marked the first debate. From the first minute, however, it was clear that the president did not intend to repeat that chaotic knife fight, criticized even by his co-religionists and punished in the polls. And they both knew how to park the visceral grudge that has marked the campaign to attack each other with relative politeness and display their arguments.

When talking about the pandemic, it was clear that the Republican continues to bet on a forward flight that prioritizes the economy over health and sells a kind of magical disappearance of the virus. “We are leaving it behind. This is going to go soon& rdquor;, Trump said despite cases grow in almost 40 states and the curve has been rising inexorably since mid-September. That attitude resonates strongly in an important part of the country, more concerned with paying the bills than with the risks of a virus that they see as a lottery.

Biden tried to counter it by defending investments to ensure that both businesses and schools can safely reopen. “I am going to close the doors to the virus, not to the country,” said the Democrat, who once again accused the president of shirking his responsibility in the face of the pandemic and the more than 220,000 deaths it has left to date. “Whoever is responsible for so many deaths should not remain president of the United States. I will end this, I will make sure we have a plan,” Biden said.

The most paradoxical thing about Trump in this campaign is that he continues to behave more as if he were the candidate for the White House than the leader who has directed the destinies of the country in the last four years. Last night it was again unable to articulate plans for a second term and he strove to present his rival as an empty politician. “It’s all words, no action”, he repeated during this last debate held in Nashville (Tennessee). As he has been doing in recent days, he also tried to accuse the Democrat of influence peddling by your son Hunter’s business in Ukraine The China. Recent emails published by the tabloid ‘New York Post’ have given him new artillery. “They are like a vacuum cleaner & rdquor;he said, referring to the Biden family, whom he accuses of having become illicitly rich.

But the democrat came with the set prepared and responded by questioning the credibility of Rudolph Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney who delivered those allegedly compromising emails to the Post. “It is being used as a pawn from Russia& rdquor ;, he said before recalling that, according to fifty former senior security officials, it could all be a montage of some foreign spy service. Ultimately, the Democrat emerged quite unscathed from a controversy that Trump hoped would become his October surprise, something he has not achieved because the ‘scandal’ has not passed the filter of the big American newspapers. “I have not taken a single penny from foreign sources in my entire life,” he said to try to close the case.

Throughout the night the vice president of Barack Obama He used lopsided smiles and flamboyant gestures to defuse Trump’s thicker volleys. A president who came to describe him as more leftist than Bernie Sanders or say it’s a great environmental defender. Biden was much more convincing in setting himself up as the workers advocate. He championed multi-million dollar stimulus plans to deal with the pandemic recession, advocated raising the minimum wage or creating millions of jobs with his energy transition plans. And above all, it exposed the president’s plans to dismantle his predecessor’s health reform.




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