Deaths from the coronavirus in the world exceed one million

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The deaths from COVID-19 in the world exceeded this Monday the million people, according to data provided by Johns Hopkins University in the United States in its independent count.

According to the figures of the latest update from that source, the deceased have reached 1,000,555 throughout the planet, with the United States with the greater number of deaths, 205,031; followed by Brazil, with 142,058; and India, with 95,542.

Regarding the cases, the Johns Hopkins University stressed that the world has reached the 33,273,720 infections. The three countries with the most coronavirus infections are also: the United States, with 7,147,241; India, with 6,074,702; and Brazil, with 4,745,464.

On the other hand, that academic institution indicated that globally more than 23 million people have recovered of COVID-19, with India in the lead, with 5,016,520 patients who have overcome the disease; followed by Brazil, with 4,197,372; and the United States, with 2,794,608.

The latest figures provided this Monday by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicated that global cases of COVID-19 have exceeded 33 million, after more than 302,000 new infections in the previous 24 hours; while the dead had reached 996,342, and it was expected that they would touch one million in the next few days.

Data from the health agency pointed out that the American continent continues to account for half of the cases, with almost 16,500, while in Southeast Asia there are 6,810,494 confirmed infections, in contrast to the Asia Pacific region, the least affected in the world, with 604,576 detected.



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