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Brazil added in the last 24 hours other 290 deaths from coronavirus, with which the total number of deaths due to the disease now reaches 150,488, according to the Ministry of Health reported this Sunday.

The daily bulletin added that it also in the last day, 12,345 new cases were registered, which brings the accumulated number of infections to 5,094,982.

In recent weeks, the incidence of the pandemic in Brazil, one of the most affected countries in the world, has shown a clear downward trend, although all specialists agree that the health emergency has not yet been overcome.

The number of new deaths registered this Sunday was almost half of those checked the day before, when the country exceeded the threshold of 150,000 deaths.

However, the authorities themselves acknowledge that the numbers of deaths and infections drop considerably every weekend, as the staff of the health secretariats dedicated to data collection is reduced.

According to the bulletin released this Sunday, there are still 948,657 patients under observation, which added to the high levels of underreporting that exist in the country suggests that the figures should continue to increase in the coming days.

Over the weekend, despite warnings from health experts, Brazilians flocked to the beaches and mountains taking advantage of the holiday next Monday, and the scenes of crowds in public places seen in recent weeks were repeated again.

Also in this weekend of “bridge” in several cities of the country has accelerated the reopening of economic and cultural activities.



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