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Brazil registered in the last 24 hours 888 nine deaths from coronavirus and the total number of deaths from this disease now stands at 125,502, although the authorities insist that the pandemic has begun to show signs of stabilization.

According to the daily bulletin issued by the Ministry of Health this Friday, the number of confirmed cases in the last day reached 50,163, bringing the accumulated number of infections to 4,091,801.

The number of recovered patients now stands at 3,278,243 and 688,056 people remain under observation in the country that, with 210 million inhabitants, is in absolute terms the second most affected by the pandemic, only behind the United States.

According to the Ministry of Health, although very slowly, the pandemic begins to stabilize in the country and in many regions the numbers of deaths and infections are already beginning to decrease.

This has been especially palpable in the state of Sao Paulo, the most populous state in the country, with 46 million inhabitants, and also the most affected by the coronavirus.

The governor of Sao Paulo, Joao Doria, announced this Friday that for the first time since the arrival of COVID-19 in the country, that state completed a month with reductions in the number of cases and deaths, as well as in the hospital occupancy rates.

“It is an unprecedented event since the beginning of the pandemic,” Doria said at a press conference.

The governor stressed that both infection rates and hospital occupancy have decreased, which shows that “the trend of regression of the pandemic has been consistent” in recent weeks.

However, he warned that “can not lower his guard” against the virus, which until today leaves 845,106 cases in Sao Paulo, with 31,091 deaths, according to the official bulletin released this Friday.

Sao Paulo was one of the first states in Brazil to implement social distancing measures to contain the pandemic, but relaxed those restrictions in early June, when it began to gradually resume all economic activities.

Doria insisted that, even with the improvement in statistics, a possible tightening of prevention measures cannot yet be ruled out and especially alerted society in the face of a bridge that begins today, for the holiday of the day of the Independence, which is celebrated next Monday.



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