Dead man and record number of women: many ‘special’ new US congressmen

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Now that the votes in the US elections have largely been counted, the new composition of the US Congress is also becoming increasingly clear. The complete result will not be known until January, partly because a second counting round will be held in Georgia. But it is already a fact that the House of Representatives and the Senate are getting a number of special newcomers.

More states are choosing color representatives

The 117th Congress of the United States has hit a number of diversity milestones this year. For example, Congress will consist of a record number of women. At least 141 women have secured seats across the Senate and House of Representatives, breaking the 2019 record. Then 127 women managed to get into Congress.

A ‘milestone’ has also been achieved in terms of age. Republican Madison Cawthorn becomes the youngest member of Congress in recent memory. Cawthorn, 25, “ beats ” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who was elected in 2018 at the age of 29 on behalf of New York’s fourteenth district. Cawthorn represents North Carolina’s eleventh constituency.

25-year-old Madison Cawthorn is the youngest congressman in modern history. (Photo: ANP / AFP)

Cori Bush is the first black American to enter the House of Representatives on behalf of Missouri. (Photo: ANP)

In addition to all the developments in the field of diversity, Congress also has a few newcomers every year who are special in a completely different way. Because of their fame, for example, or because surprisingly they have already passed away.

Mark Kelly last left for space in 2011. (Photo: ANP)

At the same time as the national senate elections, a number of Americans were also able to choose their local government. That resulted in two milestones.

Sarah McBride becomes the first transgender person in the Senate. (Photo: ANP)



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