De Graafschap trainer Snoei questions compliance with corona rules at NAC

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De Graafschap trainer Mike Snoei wonders whether the corona rules are strictly observed at NAC Breda. The Kitchen Champion Division match between both clubs was postponed on Thursday due to infections in Breda.

Manders thinks Prune statements are inappropriate

“With us it is almost a witch hunt at the club”, said 56-year-old Snoei on Thursday evening in the NOS radio program. Along the Line And Environs about how the rules are enforced at De Graafschap.

“When you see how the rules are observed and pursued, it sometimes makes you grumpy. Then I find it very disappointing that there are so many positive results at NAC. I think that’s special.”

Snoei thinks it is strange that NAC reacted with surprise to the infections. “At the beginning of the week we already received signals that something was really going on at NAC. So it is not like Mattijs Manders says that it came out of the blue.”

Manders, the general manager of NAC, regrets Snoei ‘s statements. “I think we do everything we can together. Then I find such a statement awkward to say the least and to be honest a bit inappropriate”, he responded in the same radio program.

“After last week’s game, a player tested positive. He called in sick on Saturday, went into quarantine and had no contact with other players. So he cannot have infected anyone after it became known that he was sick.”

NAC is the leader in the Kitchen Champion Division after six games. De Graafschap is fourth. The game in the Rat Verlegh Stadium was to be played on Friday evening.

View the stand and the program in the Kitchen Champion Division



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