De Graafschap coach after disgrace: ‘Considered replacing four players at half time’

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Trainer Mike Snoei was stunned on Monday evening when he saw De Graafschap at work against Young AZ in the Kitchen Champion Division. The ‘Superboeren’ were already 5-1 behind at half time and eventually lost 7-3.

Prune expects star player Seuntjens to be absent for a long time

“In the first half we did exactly the things we shouldn’t do”, Snoei said after the game in Wijdewormer. FOX Sports. “We made huge defensive mistakes that I have not seen with us before. At half time I thought about changing four players, but we did not do well together.”

After the break, De Graafschap showed itself from a better side and the Snoei team scored twice, but Young AZ ran out to a 7-3 victory due to hits by Tijjani Reijnders and Zakaria Aboukhlal. “We had the right mentality in the second half”, said Snoei, who is nevertheless distraught about the form of his team.

“A week ago we played perhaps one of our best matches. We are in a very good period anyway, so I didn’t see this result coming with exactly the same team. Losing is allowed, but how can it be this way? interesting to hear what those guys think about it themselves. “

The painful defeat was not the only downer for Snoei, who had to replace his captain Ralf Seuntjens with a serious injury in the injury time of the first half. It does not look good for the 31-year-old attacker, who was carried off the field on a stretcher after a foul by Tijs Velthuis.

“Seuntjens has lost a lot of time”, Snoei realized. “It looks annoying. Ralf is our most important player, our coat rack. A boy who leads the fight and is ambitious at his age. His injury was the biggest downer of the evening.”

Due to the loss at Young AZ, De Graafschap is stuck at six points in the Kitchen Champion Division. That are already six fewer than leader NAC Breda, but the Brabant players have played one more game.

De Graafschap captain Ralf Seuntjens was carried off the field with a stretcher. (Photo: Pro Shots)

View the program, the results and the stand in the Kitchen Champion Division



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