De Boer is looking forward to the Orange: ‘Although exhibition game against Mexico is not ideal’

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Frank de Boer is looking forward to his first international period as national coach of the Dutch national team. The former top defender is curious about his first matches, although the exhibition game with Mexico did not necessarily have to be played.

‘Go and have a look with a helicopter view’

The Dutch will face the Mexicans in Amsterdam on Wednesday, followed by important Nations League games against Bosnia and Herzegovina and Italy on October 11 and 14.

“Ideally we would not have had that exhibition game, because then we would have had a quieter run-up to a very important game”, De Boer said at his press conference in Zeist on Monday.

“Some players already arrived at 4:00 and they have to play a match on Wednesday. I’ve had better preparations, although the players are all used to that.”

“Most of them play in top competitions and know what is being asked, but we do have to deal with the importance of the Dutch national team and we also have in mind that they have to play for a whole season.”

Fifty-year-old De Boer emphasized in his talk with the press once again that he did not (yet) find it necessary to include many other names in the Orange selection, but does not rule out that he will change things in the coming international matches. .

“It seems logical that I will not immediately come up with all kinds of experiments. I will first look at what is happening with a helicopter view,” said the former trainer of Ajax and Internazionale, among others.

“Everyone has earned their place at the moment. Gradually this year we will evaluate and see whether this is what we need for the Dutch national team. That could be in the short term, but also in the longer term.”

De Boer selected 25 players as a precaution. He does not want to take any risks in the next three games due to the corona virus.



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