The number one chain formed by Finns Markus GranlundSakari ManninenTeemu Hartikainen makes a hard mark in KHL in Salavat Yulayev Ufa’s shirt.

On Tuesday, the Finnish chain knocked a total of 11 power points when Ufa knocked out Torpedo Nizhni Novgorod 6–2. Ufa’s 2–1 hit was the only one in which none of the Finns were involved.

Hartikainen, who succeeded in scoring twice and even gave three assists, had the most power points. Granlund rotten powers 2 + 2, and Manninen 1 + 1.

Hartikainen, who is playing in Ufa for the eighth time, managed to score his second goal of the evening with lime lines, as the Finnish striker ventilated the success with superiority in time 59.31.

Hartikainen and Granlund from the Finnish stand are at the top of the KHL points exchange.

Hartikainen has now made convincing 6 + 5 in six matches. With his performance on Tuesday evening, he rose to the top of the KHL points exchange past Miro Aaltonen of SKA in St. Petersburg.

The round is still underway, but Aaltonen has made 3 + 4 in five matches. Going past Hartikainen would therefore require a fierce powerhouse.

The power balance of Granlund, who moved from the NHL to the Eastern League for this season, is 5 + 5, Manninen 2 + 5.

Ufa’s Finns do not end in the number one chain yet, as they play with Ufa’s goal Juha Metsola. The head coach, on the other hand, is Tomi Lämsä.

Ufa have won five of their six matches this season.