David Lebón, a Gardel de Oro with a happy present and a recharged future: “This is the gift that God gave me”

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The musician says that he never dreamed of winning the gold statuette, that he feels “a classic”, like Clapton, and that he would love to record with Charly García.

If you thought that at this point in the trip -with half a century of history and a Colón de Yapa Theater, before the quarantine- everything had been said, the 22nd edition of the Gardel Awards, in its debuting virtual version, came to refute any theory that David Lebón could be 68 years old.

“I know that there are other gentlemen my age who have won, but in my mind I am 20 years old. My son tells me that I am Peter Pan”, Shoots, Zoom in between, the former Serú Girán, who in this particular edition of the awards with which CAPIF (Argentine Chamber of Phonogram and Videogram Producers) rewards local musical production, was left with six of the categories in which participated, including the Best Album of the Year, which made it the Gardel de Oro 2020.

On the other side of the screen, one of the national rock legends, who asked her family to keep quiet for the duration of the junket, celebrates with humor that both in the broadcast and in the online press conference of which Clarion was part, did not have technical errors.

“Sometimes streaming fails! Luckily it did not fail us. And I liked the ceremony, even though it was done the way it was done. The recordings of each one from their homes and the thing about the Zoom, which it’s all new to me. I’m like choking, because this show was fast, and not like the installments of before. I hope I can keep it inside me for a long time ”, yearns Lebón, who despite not having moved from her house, confesses feeling agitated. “As if he had given a live show”.

With a quarantine that changed his mood (“for the better”, he clarifies), the artist whose album Lebón & Co. brought together colleagues such as Fito Páez, Andrés Calamaro, Ricardo Mollo, Julieta Venegas and Pedro Aznar to revert their classics of always, invested these months in polishing material for two next albums and even a book that also promises to see the light in the future.

“Me i feel like clapton, a classic, a guy who won his awards but never stopped doing rock and blues. That he didn’t start doing new things so as not to get lost along the way ”, he declares.

-Is it more rewarding to be rewarded with that certainty?

-Yes absolutely. I remember that I saw her Tina Turner when I was 50 years old. She started when she was very young, but when she ended that relationship she had and made the album Private Dancer I went crazy; and she was already 50-something years old. He did a concert in Brazil and in Buenos Aires, I think. And I felt the same. I felt that the doors opened to me from the other album. At my age, a bank wouldn’t give me a loan for a house. He doesn’t give it to me because of my age. But Sony opened the doors for me as if saying: “Nigga, do what you want. Record what you want.”

-You got excited during the broadcast talking about Patricia Oviedo, your wife and manager. Do you owe part of this triumph to her?

-Yes, it has a lot to do with it. Not just today’s triumph. Patricia was the only person who really could handle drugs. No psychologist could. No one. Only she could. That is incredible. Because, the truth is that going to tell a guy who hardly knows your interior, what happens to you … And I’m lucky that I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol or cocaine for 15 years. I am very happy, and this is the gift that God gave me for doing what I did.

“I am lucky that I have not touched a drop of alcohol or cocaine for 15 years.”

-Is there something bittersweet in celebrating when the context of the coronavirus does not accompany?

-I’m fine, I don’t want anything from this world. The only thing I want is that people are happy. It is very difficult, but If people are not happy, neither can I be. Me, with music I get too much. I have played in very good bands, that many do not know; and, I touched, put it, for a full Colón. I never would have imagined it in my fucking life.

-And the Gardel de Oro?

-No, not even dreaming. Since we started, 20 years ago or I don’t know how long, I didn’t give much importance to the awards. What I like is to play and that everything turns out well, and that people go, and that they write me the beautiful things that they write to me. Because they write me some wonderful things. Everything is very beautiful, or maybe it is hard in some cases, but they love me. This world was made for us and we are all one big family; I’m talking about the United States, Russia, Australia … Then it happened that everyone scratched each place and said: “This is for us, this is for Argentina …” And being Argentina I I think we are doing well, despite the things that are happening to us and that happened to us. Because when I started playing it was going to jail every day, they kidnapped me, they did everything to me, and yet they couldn’t stop us and we won. And here is rock, here are the Gardel and there is a lot of new music that is very good.

-In fact, many pointed to the new generations of urban music such as WOS or Londra, who shared your shortlist, as great candidates.


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