David Coulthard: Hamilton deserves a knighthood

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Having won the Portuguese Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton set a new record for the number of victories – now he has 92 such achievements. As the career of an outstanding British driver continues, this bar will only be raised, and the question is, when will there be a driver who will be able to overcome it? And will it appear?

However, at one time, when Michael Schumacher rewrote all the records of Formula 1, it also seemed that they would remain unshakable, but Hamilton, who made his debut in Formula 1 in 2007, i.e. the next year after the seven-time world champion finished playing for Ferrari, there was probably a different opinion …

“I think Lewis is capable of setting records that will remain unbreakable,” said David Coulthard, a former Formula 1 driver who now reports on the race on BBC Radio 5 Live. – I tried to pry from Toto Wolff, from Lewis himself, from Anthony Hamilton, his father, do you feel at least some signs of approaching fatigue? Is he starting to think about what will happen after the end of his career in motorsport?

And it seems that none of them even hinted that Lewis is focused on something else besides racing. In my opinion, this is great, because he is far from a beginner in sports. I do not include myself in the same category with him at all, but I know how much energy I had to spend to achieve at least what I achieved – it was extremely tiring, and in the end I realized that it was time to stop. And not because I stopped loving racing – no, but I’m just tired.

The way Lewis manages his time, how he distributes his forces, deserves admiration, because he shows fantastic results. In addition, he is constantly in the center of public attention, and there are people who criticize him, because it is difficult for them to come to terms with the fact that he is really so cool. And someone does not like his lifestyle or the political movements that he supports.

Despite all this, he somehow manages to get behind the wheel again and again with fresh strength and achieve new successes. Therefore, I think that he will perform in Formula 1 for a few more years, and if he continues to have a good car, he will continue to win.

I am absolutely convinced that Lewis Hamilton is worthy of the knighthood. He has already won so many titles and can be considered the UK ambassador globally as Formula 1 is the world championship. I find it funny that America has a so-called World Baseball Series, although its matches are only held in the USA and Canada! And Formula 1 is a real world championship.

Lewis Hamilton proudly raises the British flag over his head wherever and whenever he has a reason to do so. And I ask myself: maybe someone knows why he still does not have a knighthood? Perhaps he did something that does not allow him to be awarded this title? I’m sure Hamilton deserves it more than some of the others. “



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