The second visit of Ester Exposito La Resistencia left a challenge that, according to the actress, promises to fulfill in an event. The Spanish woman who has managed to sweep instagramhas turned his ‘outfit’ in trend every time you put them on, so David broncano He proposed an idea: to wear a shirt from Jaén, the province of which he is the presenter, to an event.

In fact, it was she who asked the comedian, with whom she has had a relationship since before the two were famous (they lived in the same apartment block, they said on their last visit to the program), what he could bring to an event. “If you give me an idea so really, of an outfit … A funny outfit, I’ll buy it and wear it,” he said.

Broncano lacked time: “Something funny? The Jaén football shirt. Sure they can send you a girl, or a classic and you tie it. ” “Come on, I’ll take it”, promised the actress, who went to present ‘Someone has to die’, a new Netflix production in which he shares the screen with Carmen Maura or Ernesto Alterio among others. “Remains pending. In some photocall I will do it, 100%“he promised.

“The people of Jaén are very grateful, if you do it they will bring you 500 kilos of olives. Do you like the oil? They will bring you a cistern,” joked Broncano, who although he was born in Santiago de Compostela, lived as a child in the Jaén town of Orcera.

The Jaén Interior Paraíso picks up the glove

In the absence of the Real Jaen, his ‘brothers’ from Jaén Interior Paradise futsal have accepted the challenge. “Preparing another shirt for La Resistencia”, they have promised, echoing the video of the moment of the challenge.