In his return to lesser-known sports as the focus of his interviews, David broncano received in The resistancea Alvaro Robles Y Maria Xiao, two of the best players in table tennis from Spain.

Both the 2019 world runner-up in doubles and the six-time Spanish champion (three in singles and three in doubles) demonstrated their sense of humor with the host from Jaén, who also boasted of being a great practitioner of this sport.

To prove it, they set up a table to play on the set-storage room of the Arlequín Theater in Madrid. Very proud, Broncano challenged Xiao to a match … and it took very little to see that it is not as good as it thought.

At the second match point, the player of Chinese descent returned a ball that would have been a fixed point for any ping-pong practitioner. Broncano didn’t even believe it: “I, from experience, that point is not returned to me by anyone. I was already going home.” “That was a checkmate, right?” The tennis player replied with a laugh.

During the interview, Broncano showed that he knows about table tennis, as he asked Xiao specific questions, with real data. María’s parents were professional players, but in China, as there are so many professionals in this discipline, they could not succeed and that is why they came to Spain.

“In girls, for example, since 1971 only Chinese players have won”Broncano recalled. “The Chinese team is incredibly powerful, but in the rest of the countries there are many players of Chinese descent who are nationalized. Player 32 from China is number 1 from another country,” he explained.

María reported that it was her parents, precisely, who encouraged her to practice this sport. “I went with them (their parents) to training, as ball boys, and then at age 5 I started playing. I didn’t like it at first. Now I do,” he said.

Robles underpants

Alvaro Robles, for his part, he made a very peculiar gift to Broncano. In addition to a paddle for him to play table tennis, in the same surprise box, there were some underpants, but not just any: the ones he wore when he was proclaimed runner-up in the world.

“It’s one of the dirtiest things they’ve ever said to me,” said the presenter with a laugh.